Does Danish people, and throughout the story

Does Beowulf fulfill the role of an epic hero? Beowulf is a great warrior from Geatland who has came to aid the Danish people, and throughout the story he fights three battles. Those fights show his heroic characteristics. Beowulf of Geatland’s undying courage and superhuman strength, good ethics, and lack of fear when taking great risks prove he is a perfect example of an epic hero.
The first epic hero characteristic Beowulf shows is his superior strength and courage. In the fight with Grendel, Beowulf bends back Grendel’s claw in their fight, and at the end of the battle he rips Grendel’s arm off, mortally wounding him. Both of these instances show his nearly superhuman strength levels. Before his fight with Grendel’s mother, Beowulf fearlessly dives into the devilish lake, making himself nearly defenseless. During the fight, he also wields the giant’s sword to decapitate Grendel’s mother, proving his strength. In his battle with the fire-breathing dragon, he faces the beast alone which shows his undying courage, even in his old age.


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