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Do you want to be a great company with a small business? Then it’s time to stop taking you by fashion, trends or competition and start focusing better your marketing efforts.Marketing should not necessarily be a display of expensive tactics and tools for your SME, if you are looking to attract more customers, sell more and build loyalty you have the opportunity to be a small company, that is, in the absence of budget and staff You must use your creativity, ingenuity, and resources to achieve your goals and this is not an inconvenience, on the contrary, it is an opportunity to make things different, more personalized and innovative.The SME can take advantage of its basic structure to move more agilely, to get to know its customers better, to identify its competitors and to dare to do different things without fear of losing significant budgets. If you learn to focus your efforts on what matters the task will not only be more comfortable but also very fun.Below I share 10 tips that I recommend put into practice in the administration of your business process, which has served me a lot in large numbers of customers with small businesses and limited budgets.1. Invest time, energy and creativity in your business processes, not just money.

Seeks to create unforgettable experiences for your clients, in surpassing their expectations and for this, you do not need money.2. Do not make conjectures, base all your actions on the knowledge of your clients, find their insights. Conversing with them continuously will help you identify your purchase motivators.3. Your primary marketing indicator should be quantitative, money in your pocket, more customers or more frequently purchased. If your tactics do not lead you to concrete results, they are not working, period.

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4. Take advantage of current technology to reach any market. Your online presence is essential for them to know that you exist, at least one website and one social network.5. Involve all your staff in the marketing processes so that they contribute to concrete actions.

Work as a team with all your staff, share with them your strategy and commercial tactics and make them part of the process.6. Stop seeing competitors everywhere, look for strategic alliances to generate commercial and promotional synergy. Be open to the possibility of working as a team with other small companies that complement your business to reach more market.7. Seeks to generate relationships instead of simple sales. When we stop thinking about selling, and we are oriented to fall in love or connect, it is more likely that you will get clients who stay with you longer and help you by recommending you.

8. Keep track of your business relationships, rather than your sales. An adequate administration of clients will help you to follow up to sell more, build loyalty and make cross sales, kits or immediate sales of interest.9. Learn to mix tactics that together make you reach results. A single tool will hardly make you achieve your goal. Dare to try several devices at the same time with the same messages to give strength to your communication.

10. Concentrate on niche markets, focus on being a specialist, diversification or expansion requires more budget and resources. There are lots of unattended market niches where you can be the king.


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