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Do you sometimes wish to be older? Or did you ever wish you could experience things like adults? Well, in “The Moustache” by Ray Cormier, Mike wishes to look older, thus he wears a moustache. Although almost all of his family members do not agree with it, he keeps wearing it, and when he goes to visit his grandmother, she reveals a dark secret. When Mike visits his grandma she and he express the themes of love and identity.

In “The Moustache” Mike expresses the theme of identity throughout the short story. When Mike goes to visit his grandmother, Meg, he does not expect that his grandmother would mistake him for her late husband. “The Moustache” suggests that Meg’s secret was that she accused her husband of cheating on her. Through her despair she thinks Mike is her “long, lost husband” because of his moustache. At the time, she wasn’t positive of her accusation but years later she explains to Mike: ” ‘Mike, Mike,’ my grandmother said. ‘Say it, Mike.’ I felt as if my cheeks would crack if I uttered a word. ‘Say you forgive me, Mike. I’ve waited all these years. . . .’
I was surprised at how strong her fingers were. ‘Say ‘I forgive you, Meg.’
I said it. My voice sounded funny, as if I were talking in a huge tunnel. ‘I forgive you, Meg. ‘ ” Meg now realizes years later that she was wrong. Mike told the truth and she did not believe him. Mike was upset that his grandmother had mistaken him for her husband. Mike’s moustache is a symbol. His moustache represents how much people love him for who he truly is. Everybody doesn’t like the moustache but when his grandmother mistakes him for somebody else he realizes that the moustache is not who he truly is.

When Meg describes the look of Cindy’s love, Mike comes to a realization that expresses the theme of love. When Mike arrives it takes time for him to realize that his grandmother doesn’t recognize that he is her grandson. In the aftermath of uncovering this he gets upset for her not noticing but listens to her lovingly anyways. Meg describes her reaction to Mike: “Not Cindy’s sparkling eyes when I tell her that we’re going to the beach on a Sunday afternoon. But love like something alive and tender, asking nothing in return.” This reveals her unconditional love and proves Mike wrong about Meg being a soul ready to be taken. Mike realizes that wearing a moustache to make him seem older makes him less recognized and loved for who he is. In other words, Mike should be true to himself and be himself.

Overall, when Mike visits his grandmother he delivers the themes of love and identity. Essentially, with Mike’s experiences with love, he implies that sometimes in life when people act or try to be like someone else it is important to stay true to yourself and live your own life, not somebody else’s. Then you will be loved for who you are.


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