Moreover on a number of subjects. Encyclopedias

Moreover we can get books on a variety of subjects.

There are encyclopedias on a number of subjects. Encyclopedias are very costly and to buy them is beyond the reach of the common man. Again there are reference and other rare books which may not sometimes be available in the market. There is a vast explosion of knowledge.

New material on different subjects is now available. These books are bought by libraries and we can be benefited by those books by borrowing them from libraries. We have to pay a small amount and the benefits are enormous. The only thing that one needs to have is to have an interest in reading and a thirst for knowledge. Our intellectual thirst is satisfied by reading more and more.

Thus, the library is the right place for quenching the thirst for knowledge. Even those who are not too interested in reading get motivated to read once they step into the library. The atmosphere in a library is always quiet and peaceful and this is congenial for reading. Silence prevails everywhere and comfortable chairs are provided so that one can sit there for many hours at a stretch.

In every library, there is a librarian who helps us to locate the books of our choice. He apprises the reader of the new arrivals by displaying the cover pages on the board. When we borrow books from the library, we must take care not to spoil its pages. We must not tear its pages or return it late. We must learn the value of libraries and use them with love and care.


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