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Do you LOVE video games? Well DON’T! I am here to talk about why you shouldn’t play video games! Honestly video games should be called, ‘ruin your life forever games’. I have three reasons to tell you why you shouldn’t play video games. Mature rated video games can negatively impact your health. The text stated,”It increases your chances of smoking.” We all have realized by now that smoking is HORRIBLE for you it can permanently damage your lungs or kill you! The text also states,”It increases your chances of alcohol use.” Alcohol is disgusting especially if you drink and drive you have a good chance of dying. Also, if you have too much of it you could die. Something the author also stated was,”Increases your chances of doing drugs.” I think everybody should know not to do drugs cause you just want more and more and go CRAZY over them.People throw time in the dump! The website stated,”Over TWO hours of violent game play ages 11-15 96% and ages 6-10 87%.” Over 2 hours is insane because, that many people play it! Also, it’s good if you play 2 hour of non violent game play but horrible for 2 hours of violent game play! Also,  video games are really addicting. All you think about is video games. You are spending your time on something bad, instead of playing violent games you should spend time with your family because they can vanish any day.Being a little bit to lazy. You can’t finish your school work if you only think about video games. If you get bad grades you probably will not be too successful and later in life you will wish you never played video games. Sitting in the same spot does not help you in any way. If you sit in the same spot for the whole day you won’t learn anything and you could get major health problems later on in your life. People like to play video games more than they like to go outside. People should give going outside a chance it’s really fun! Such as playing sports, tag and even board games (It’s better for your eyes.)Others say that, video games are fun and help me not stress. Did you know that video games make you stress more such as if you are losing than you will stress more. You will also play more and more trying to accomplish whatever you have to do in the game. Others also say,”Video games help me with my dyslexia.” Yes that is true but video games have a lot more minusus than plusus. One is too much stress another one is you doing nothing increases chances of diabetes. (DIE-abetes)Kids should not play mature rated video games because of all these risks, health, time and being lazy. This is why you should not play video games, they don’t help you in any given way. They just make your life a train wreck. So your the target and video games are hitting the bullseye!     


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