Do hours in brain hyperactivity!!!!! Wow! “Even

Do you know that people can be so mean and do things with your phones? That’s why phones are not allowed in school. No phones in school!!! Cyberbullying,Health concerns,Untrustworthy. Did you know why people are mean on social media? Do you know what that’s called? It’s called cyberbullying! “Two years ago mayor De Blasio and Chancellor Carmen Farina lifted the ban for schools” That caused cyberbullying. Let’s stop cyberbullying!!!!!!! It causes lots of bad things to happen. “Megan Meier, the teen who committed suicide after classmates bombarded her with hurtful messages happened in 2006.” Now do you see what that can do!!!!! “Also, Tyler Clementi jumped off the george Washingtonbridge because his classmate spyed and shared the footage with his classmates.” He was very mad and didnt want to deal with it any more so thats what he did. Ok, so this is very inportant.

Heath Concerns. Just listen you will know why I said that! “A startiling swedish study shows that young people are five times more likely to get brain tumors if the use a cellphone before there 20.” A brain tumor is a swelling in the brain. Ouch!!! “Other research finds that a mobile phone call lasting only 2 minutes can produce brain hyperactivity that last an hour in kids.” They must be bouncing off walls if there talking to someone more that 2 minutes. So if someones on the phone for 4 minutes then that means 2 hours in  brain hyperactivity!!!!! Wow! “Even cordless phones emit dangerous radiation that can almost double heart rate variability and affect autonomic nervous system, causing anxiety,blood pressure changes, fatigue, dizziness or fanting,and sleep disturbances, a new investigation in the european journal of oncology reports.” That causes a lot of things to happen.

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Wow thats a lot of tings that can happen to us!!!! And last reason untrustworthy!!!! “Most people can tell when people are being untrustworthy just by there voice. It just gives it away!” You might just wanna tell the truth, berfore you get in more trouble. “Now, scientist have figured out what that someting is- an advance tat could lead to more realistc electronic speech.” Well now people have probly figured out how they can tell when your lieing. “In 2014 scientist descoverd that we can convey honesty from our speech.” That means when we talk people can just hear because your voice sounds a little bit off when you lie!!!!! My argguer thinks phones schould be in school!! Phones should be in school because in cause there is danger they might need to call parents. I say, if someone breaks in then your phone goes off then the person would know your in the class! Well yes, but maybe the phones on silent and nobody would hear it??  I say, Well, there is always a phone in the classroom so you could use that phone in an emergency.

This is why phones should not be in school. Cyberbullying,Health concerns,Untrustworthy.  If there are phones in school then you could get in big trouble and maybe even get your phone taken away.  Citations: “Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School.” Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School | Young Writers Project, archive.youngwritersproject.

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