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Do you know about the man who fought against racial discrimination and slavery? Yes, that’s him, the great Martin Luther King jr! His life of being a victim of racial discrimination started on January 15 1929. His full name is Martin Luther King Junior. Did you know that, before his name was Michael? Later on, he changed his name to Martin along with his father. Martin grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He stayed there until the age of twelve. As a student he attended segregated schools. When he grew up, he became a successful social activist and he fought against racial discrimination and slavery.

Even when he became an activist he still was ambushed by racial discrimination. He definitely suffered from racism for a long part of his life. Maybe Martin had a hard childhood in his  hometown, but he still had a big family to support him. His parents were Martin Luther King Senior and Alberta William King. King jr.

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had two siblings, a brother and a sister. Their names were A.D King and Christine Farris King. Many people might have thought that he didn’t get a lot attention as a child. Growing up in Atlanta, they didn’t earn much in, but they still tried and worked hard. Martin’s grandfather worked as a shorekeeper outside of Atlanta. Later on, Martin’s grandfather got married and he had Martin’s parents.

After that Martin’s parents had Martin and his siblings. After attending many colleges and receiving many awards, he decided to become a social activist like his father. He was deeply inspired by his father when he was apart of the NAACP to fight against racial discrimination, segregation, and slavery. This where his life changing career began…He was definitely inspired by what his father did, so he took the opportunity to strike back and he did. He led many campaigns and events that held protests that fought against discrimination. One of the most famous events he led was called the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

This organization is about what happened to another activist. Female activist, Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat for a white man. This experience not only inspired Rosa but also Martin to fight back. Martin and Rosa led this organization together with other activists as well. Another event he led is the Birmingham Campaign in Birmingham. Unfortunately, he was arrested for protest. He was the first president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He was the youngest person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

He was also the official symbolic figure of African Americans. He definitely made a change in the US. Even though he accomplished a lot in his life, he still went through a lot of bad experiences to become a successful activist. He had been threatened many times. He was arrested more than thirty times because of what he did. His house was bombed countless times. Not only has he experienced injuries but also life threatening attempts to attack him.

One time a woman came up to him and asked him if he was Martin Luther King jr. and he said yes. When he said yes the woman stabbed him with a letter opener. Fortunately, he didn’t get stabbed in any vital organs so after surgery he survived. He also was he victim of many violent attacks and he also suffered from life long depression because of what his family and him went through in their life.

Although, he had to go through all of these things to get where he was then. Many people think he was a great man, but what do I think about Martin Luther King?  Martin was a brave and thoughtful man. He was very selfless because he sacrificed a lot for many people and he almost lost his life in many cases. I think that despite the fact he went through so many horrible experiences he still fought for equal rights and won. I think he shows bravery, selflessness, determination and much more. He really made a big difference in his time. There are still many interesting facts in and about his life. One fact is when he was stabbed with a letter opener.

Another fact is that, ten years before his death he narrowly escaped an attempt of assassination. Another fact is that Martin said his final speech in Memphis, but he didn’t know he was going to die that day. His most famous speech is called “I Have a Dream”. He entered college at the age of fifteen. His mother was killed by the bullet of a gun at the church. He tried to commit suicide at the age of twelve because his grandmother died of a heart attack.

He skipped two grades in high school. These facts tell us what a hard, risky life he had, but he still won equality for African Americans. I definitely think Martin was a great man in his time and today.Maybe Martin went through many bad experiences, but he still made it to the top and won equality and rights for his people. King was a brave man and he will likely be remembered forever. His life taught me to always be kind to whoever I meet no matter what race they are.

This is because after all he and other activists have gone through it is the least we can do. I hope he is always remembered for his amazing actions and changes in black history.


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