Do pick our gender before being born, so

Do you believe
in equality between women and men?

“In the nineteenth century, the central moral
challenge was slavery. In the twentieth century, it was the battle against
totalitarianism. We believe that in this century the paramount moral challenge
will be the struggle for gender equality around the world.” 
? Nicholas D. Kristof, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide


That’s a question where many institutions,
companies, governments, traditional and society wise differ in.

There are two sides to this story, one is the one that says women
have the same rights as men and the other which says that women don’t have the
same rights as men. When men and women are treated unequally this is
called sexism. This means that a man or a woman is treated in a negative way
for no other reason because of judging their sex. I personally believe in equality.

I believe that we are equal and we are meant to treat each other equality
despite all the differences in distinction in their biology and also between
the gender and stereotypical sexist thoughts. People should stop being
stereotypical. I
believe equality does exist for men and women, but it does not exist
completely, and that is where the problem lies.



People may say that women have equal rights but it really isn’t
true. We don’t pick our gender before being born, so the one handed
down to you should make no difference to the rights that you are given as a human
being. Every one deserves to be treated nicely nevertheless of the gender they
belong to. I am not generalizing on being feminist, I am speaking about gender
equality. A right should be fair and square everywhere in this world. For example, if there was
a disabled student, he shouldn’t be treated differently to a non-disabled one
in a college/school or other institution, even though it’s a perfect knowledge
that there is definitely something that makes them “distinguishable”.


Men and women are different, in terms of their biology, thought
processes, likes and dislikes etc. That in no way means one is better than the
other. They just do certain things different to the other.  Women still really far behind in terms
of income, position, mentality value and job opportunities. For example, taking
women as hot icons at the club and gaining tips because the male audience
focuses on their sexual gender more than anything.



Women must get
equal right in everything and they should be treated like they are at the same
level as men. Men and women being born in different body doesn’t make the men strong just because he
is masculine. Women raise kids, gives birth, get pregnant bearing pain for nine
months and more than this doesn’t make her less
weak than men.  Running for president
mostly picked out by male politicians does not make some women can’t rule neither demarcate a country. Women
are smart, intelligent, capable and dedicated as much as men. But unfortunately
true that people still today thinks that women are weak and are only means to
stay home and stays housewife.



Some say that women
and men have level with rights and that women whine about how they don’t have
parallel rights and simply need a comment about, they are incorrect. Some
likewise say that women can join the naval force, armed force, and even the
marines yet when somebody thinks of a challenge saying “men get paid more
than women”, this is on the grounds that men most likely have better
occupations which is additionally wrong, I am certain that if a ladies was a
CEO as was a man, at that point the man would presumably get paid a great deal
more. Taking everything into account, being a young lady shouldn’t mean there
are less open doors ahead.


approach to settle the issue with the compensation is for women to request
measure up to pay rates. Getting a training is one approach. Figuring out how
to arrange a decent pay is another. Ladies’ garments shouldn’t be little costlier
that men’s. So as to build up and accomplish correspondence, it is imperative
to set up maternity strategies for ladies, as well as to make reasonable paternity
arrangements also.


need to accomplish balance under the law, the regard. There are no principal
mental, profound or mental contrasts amongst men and ladies beside those
influenced by varying hormonal procedures and social sexual orientation parts.

In this way, just physical end upheld contrasts, none that are more than
shallow. Individuals should quit being sexist or consider sexism.


can compose a law so it doesn’t recognize male and female in its wording,
however that is not a similar thing. Sexual orientation being immaterial isn’t
the same as the two sexes being “equivalent”, a refinement that
should be made with a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from
individuals assaulting sex contrasts. Toward the finish of the day, we are on
the whole equivalent and we can be equivalent likewise live being equivalent.

Since we would all be able to do similar things in life it doesn’t make a
difference your sexual orientation, shading, sex, race, or anything we are for
the most part level with regardless. Each one of those shallow disapproved of
individuals who feels that ladies are intended to remain home rather being
instructed ought to stop these dishonorable sexist considerations. Society
should battle sexism.






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