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One of the weapons in the war against drugs is drug testing in the workplace.

Many questions surround the legalities of drug testing, however, in some aspects it is a practical procedure. Frequently, especially in the case of public employees, the government declares special needs as a basis for drug testing which allows testing without a warrant and probable cause. I believe It is an infringement of the person’s personal and civil rights when an individual is subjected to a drug test without the indication that they have even used drugs. Drug testing is practical when the safety of the public is at risk in jobs such as security and health care and also when all those that are nonusers don’t mind taking them in order for the employer to discover those who are using. One argument in favor of random drug testing is that it will prevent illicit drug use and those problems associated with drug use in the workplace. I also think that testing is good and is not a violation when the government does it as an act to protect all citizens from the problems of drug use in positions such as the President.

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No one would want our country to be destroyed by the impaired decisions of a drug user. It can also be a good thing because it seeks out workers who may never get the help they need and never admit that they have a drug problem. Some drug users never appear to be impaired at work, even when drugs may be having a detrimental effect on job performance and adherence to safety standards.

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