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There is a question that I have been thinking of: “Do I owe something to my mom and dad”? – Who knows Sometimes we might think that we owe them a lot, but then other times we might think “Why should I do something for them? I have my own life. I have lots of to do without taking care of my folks”. But then again, how can I leave them in trouble when they are the same bloods? I look like them and most importantly I love them.It depends on the relationship between parents and kids when deciding if we owe them something or not. Children who felt loved, had lots of attention from a mother and father growing up will try to treat them the same way, instinctively paying back good for good.

In families without strong connections, kids will very simply forget about their parent’s existence. They may believe that no one asked their parents to have them. No one asked them if they wanted to be born they had no choice. Two adults wanted to have kids and they had them. It was their choice to be responsible and raise the next generation. Then if look at the nature, you would not find creatures who would do something to support their parents after they grew up.

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We are just one of many creatures in this universe. Why it should be different for us?Humans are most developed creatures on the earth with feelings, lots of knowledge, procreating their kind, taking care of each other. So isn’t it most important to look after the people who are close to you? And only then look after the others? Why do we forget that sometimes?.. Parents are the first people who deserve your attention. Through the years they put so much effort and passion the way they can, to protect us from bad. We know that mom and dad will be next to us even if we get in trouble or lose everything. They still will be the ones to help us as much as they can.

They will find space in their home for us to stay. For this reason we should be so thankful to them and pay for it in advance.However there are big differences between cultures and countries. For example in my country, Lithuania, parents are taking care on their kids until “babies” can really support themselves. If you are a student it is not necessary to work – parents will pay for the room in a student hostel, give money for food, books and every time you come home a huge bag of goodies.

After folks retire, or couple years later, usually everybody gets to live together again (financially cheaper, it is easier to take care of parents and have babysitters who are around all the time. In addition Lithuanians don’t have very big houses like here. They live in one or two bedroom apartments. It’s hard, but that’s the way it supposed to be. Americans are just the opposite. They tell to their kids to move out after school, earn money, and be independent no matter how hard it’s for them to live.

USA is the country where you HAVE to talk about owing something to your parents. Because of all the moving from one place to another, families don’t see each other so often. That’s when you owe it to your parents: postcard, a phone call, a visit, or help. In Lithuania parents, kids, grandchildren are one big family where you satisfy everybody needs no mater if it’s your child or mom. There is no difference. Here again, do children who are asked to move out their parents? Young and old in this country want to be independent; no one wants to owe something to other. To tell the truth I don’t understand IT!We don’t owe – we have to take care on our parents as they did when we were little.

It’s just the way it is supposed to be in this world. We should be doing this so that our kids can see a good example of how to be with their parents – us – we grow older. Yes, we do not owe anything; it’s a barter arrangement.


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