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Broken families are on since the beginning of humanity. In fact, divorce, which has been very common in today’s societies, is the major cause that leads to family devastation. However, although, in some cases, divorce is the only solution for a family to live in peace, one must think many times before taking such decision, and that is because of many . When life becomes unbearable between a women an her husband, they may think of divorce as being a fair solution for both of them to get their “independence” and live a normal life, they may even think that it is suitable for their children. However, this is not the case , divorce may have some serious consequences that can affect the whole society .

Many religions disapprove of divorce. For instance, Islam is against divorce, and even if it is tolerated, it must be the last alternative to do. As we know from the Qu’ran, it was never god’s plan for families to experience such devastation, and that is because of many consequences that many affect not only the divorced couple or their children, but also the whole society. A community where divorce is common doesn’t have strong links and relationships among its people, and hence will lack of solidarity and unity. Beside, divorce and failure of marriages make people lose confidence in marriage and behave against the religious and ethical ideals to satisfy their natural desires. For these reasons, Islam has given to men the right to marry four women; this may prevent men, at least, from divorcing if they want to get married another time. Other religions are stricter concerning divorce; Christianity, for example, and for the same reasons Listed before, forbids a couple to divorce no matter what happens which means that a wife and a husband are linked forever.

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As declared before, divorce must remain the last decision to take by a couple, because of its dreadful consequences on the whole family. Women, for instance, undergo enormous pain as a result of divorce. In most cases, law gives divorced women custody.

Consequently, they find themselves alone with their children, and hence obliged to look after them in a society where divorced women may be looked in a bad way. Besides, most of divorced women don’t have regular income, as they were financially depending on their husbands before divorce, so they have to work outside home, without neglecting their duties toward their children, and this is very difficult to accomplish especially with the sexual harassment that becomes very common. Emotionally speaking, a divorced woman feels as she was betrayed by her ex-husband .She may also start to hate all men, and this can have direct effects on the way she rises her children. It is believed that men are the least affected by divorce.

However this doesn’t mean that they do not suffer at all. Indeed, men suffer financially from divorce; they are obliged to support their children as well as their ex-wives. And because before divorce the responsibility was shared by both husband and wife, divorced men cannot always afford to pay alimony, thus they may be taken into alimony arrest and jailed. Apart from finance, men also experience a feeling of loneliness when they are separated from their children. Children from broken families suffer much pain from their parent’s action. When parents get divorced, their children become complex; a loss of family identity often makes them feel incomplete, if not inferior to others. For example, if a child is separated from his mother and one of his friends asks him: “It’s mothers day today, where is your mum?” or “How come sometimes you are contacted at this number and other times at another one?” he will feel different from the others. Such innocent questions will force the child to face the painful reality of his family situation over and over again.

Children also can feel guilty and responsible for their parents’ divorce. This could be due to the fights that the parents may have over them. Sometimes parents openly declare to them that they are splitting up because of irreconcilable differences on parenting. Other parents may blame the children for their breakup because they

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