Diversity Problem- solving: This area specifically focuses on

skills are the techniques that help people to interact with others in a way respects
and values differences and below are the top five diversity skills.

solving: This area
specifically focuses on individual ability to find solutions to problems using
creativity, reasoning and past experiences along with the available information
and resources. It is very important as an innovative workable solution and
resolves complaints.

Teamwork: As a potential individual, one must
communicate and demonstrate the ability to work with others in a professional
manner while attempting to achieve a common goal. Positive consequence leads to
resourceful team player who excels at building trusting relationships with
co-workers. It is important to remember that at the workplace you will be
working with people from a variety of age groups and with different events in
their lives.

Respect: Shows acceptance and appreciation of
diverse learners of varied backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives for an inclusive
environment. It is important because it clearly promotes fairness, caring,
equity and respect for others despite their race, sexual orientation, religion,
culture, language and/or gender.

Communication: Establish an awareness of and an ability
to effectively use communication that transcends socio-cultural and language
barriers, and to be aware of verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. It is
the awareness, understanding, and skills that allow us to think through and
value human differences.

Active listening: This is a process by which an individual
secures information from another individual or group. Never underestimate the
power of active listening which includes showing concern, asking specific
questions to seek clarification. Is importance to organization success because
it has a major effect on their relationships with both employees, customers and
the entire organization. Active listening can also significantly reduce the
nervousness you might be feeling during discussions.


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