Diversity Judge,2017) such as black and Hispanic

                    Diversityin organization can aid to evolve the alertness about the sexual, racial andethnical characteristics as well as help to handle the diverse organization ina proper way (Robins and Judge,2017).

The first article discusses aboutdiversity along with it having its benefits in itself, certainly is sometimeshard to handle. Being hired in some companies should be dependent upon one’sperformance and ability to do anything rather than being a part of some group.However, still people are judged impartially and being stereotyped.

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Hence,stereotypes are the most obvious way to guide the interviewers (Burrell,2016).You might face the stereotype threat if you are at minority in a certainsituation (Robins and Judge,2017) such as black and Hispanic men were rejectedfrom an interview stating that they lacked communication skill though theirperformances in other areas were brilliant. In the same case, white men wholacked communication skills were considered to be mentor able.

Finally, it isquite hard to reconstruct the mind of people on how it is going on but rathertheir existing environment can be modified where they make a decision. Suchprocess is known as choice architecture (Burrell,2016). The article tends toend with the notion of an expression stating how can anyone award thesubstantial performance of the individual when they are in a diversified group?So, correspondingly, someone can be awarded for their performance by being understoodabout their contradictions so that the employee’s morale will be boostedtherefore they will accomplish their task properly. Likewise, other way to dothat is setting an intellectual test where their mathematical, communicational,speed, ability of reasoning, capability to judge as well as memory power are judged(Robins and Judge,2017). The article rather raised the existing problems of diverseenvironment and also stated why these complications are still existing but providedless ways to solve those problems. In addition to what is included here we can usevarious other initiatives to manage the problems in recruitment by forming a diversifiedhiring team, focusing university and colleges for hiring and targeting certain groupswho otherwise are discriminated (Jayne & Dipboye, 2004)Nextarticle talks about the liaison between diversity in the organization and theachievement that the employees can get because of that. Further, it alsodiscusses about the rational ways that the organization can take so as toadminister the drive of diversity in the proper way (Jayne & Dipboye,2004). Nowadays the organization’s workforce has become a heterogenous mix ofgroups because of the trend of hiring employees of different gender, age andrace which is known as diversity (Robbins , 2017).

However, focusing in diversity programs have been one ofthe hot topics in all the organizations nowadays. Thus, diversity programsinclude three major factors those are very essential to maintain the balancebetween the employees. Those factors are: hiring an employee, containing them,and creating them from less known groups.

Furthermore, it provides various waysfor the management of workforce such as: making commitment for the management,conducting the need assessment, making proper strategies and team building. Finally,the article ends with the note of enhancement of the diversity in the workplacemight also lead to some problems of conflict and only diversity cannotguarantee sudden improvement in the performance of the employees (Jayne , 2004). This article really provided a good base on the diversitymanagement. It also has provided various steps that Human Resource managers canabide by so as to bring out positive result out of the diverse environment.      ReferencesAshkanasy, N. M.

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