Distribution survey was anonymous. They could have

Distribution of this survey was convenient and not difficult but still faced limitations. Working with human participants also caused limitations. The respondents were not completely honest when answering questions even though the survey was anonymous. They could have misinterpreted/ misunderstood the questions therefore leading to different answers that might not reflect their true thoughts. There was also a small sample of 20 students covering a small demographic area.

Focus was limited on students who use Facebook and whether the content they consume is absorbed and translated to real life. However the results would vary a little with non- Facebook users if included in the study having a larger sample size from numerous universities instead of just one could offer better and more accurate results. Covering a larger age group, having more diversity, having different academic levels and belonging to different universities could help add to the study and provide more data on the use of Facebook in creating icons of models on students lifestyle .Therefore a study that makes it possible to analyze the issue should be introduced in further studies. Thus a study which has such factors in mind will also provide rewarding especially for


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