(2) The object of the criminal law

(2) The object of the criminal law is to project the peace of the society, while the object of law on the breach of contract is to protect the rights of the parties in a contract. (3) Mens rea (ill intention) is an important factor in imposing the Criminal liability upon the wrong-doer where-as, in breach of contract, the motive is not an essential factor.

The defaulting party has to pay the pre-settled and actual damages. (4) A wrongful act is an infringement of right in rem. The wrong­doer has a ‘Duty in rem’ i.e., he should not do harm or injury to any person. It is a statutory duty. But, a breach of contract is an infringement of a right in personam i.e.

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, a right available only against some determinate person or body and for which the community at large has no concern. (5) The Criminal law which deals with crimes and offences is a separate branch, whereas breach of contract is a species of law of contract, which belongs to civil law. (6) The criminal law is completely codified one while the law relating to contracts considers certain trade customs, though it has been codified. (7) In crime, the victims are not paid damages. The accused is sent to jail or imposed fine or both. The fine goes to the State.

However, in breach of contract, the party is entitled only for actual damages.


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