Disruption to be develop. Psychological effect will

Disruption resultsin more severe exploitation which includes long duration, forced perceptionfear of injury or death and helplessness. Viewing physical abuse can bestressful and as much the victim is attached the stress will be.

Particularly, watchingviolence directed towards a close relative or friend is sadistic. Interpersonalviolence is considered as a passionate eruption, whereas, the most horribleform of it is consciously inflicted.  Insettings such as prostitution, pornography rings, concentration camps, and insome families powerful control is used.

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In the field oftrauma the greatest predictable research findings are dose response, it dependson dose, the more the dose trauma it will produce more damaging effects. Alsoit is noticed that in greater stress, PTSD is more likely to be develop.  Psychological effect will understated greatlyif trauma is prompted, unpredictable, sadistic, repeated and complex by humanor is bad childhood experience given by any human.2.

4       Terrorism and TraumaThere is harshchange in the world since September 11, 2001. First incident occur in 1993which was bombardment over world trade center which was almost a wakeup callbut only few people took that seriously alarming situation related to peace inworld. The impending attack focused against the innocent children and commonpeople of society just to create the element of fear in a society.

Impact ofterrorism on children and communities dispirit, terrify and traumatize the public(Vasquez et al. (2008). These horrifying terroristic attacks incidents havebecome common and are increasing day by day. The terrorists started to provokewar state by targeting the school children, such as the incident in 2006 inAfghanistan, another group of 20 children were attacked while playing soccerand a suicidal attack Baghdad college; both incidences took place in February2007. In March 2007 32 children and teachers were taken as prisoner in Manila forcedat gun point.

Terroristic bombardment attacks also took place on 7thof July, 2005 in London subway, another attack on Paris on 13th ofNovember 2015. Pakistan is amongst the sufferers of being a target of terroristactivities. Within six days just after Malala Yousafzai was honored the Nobelpeace prize the terrorist attack was faced on 16th December 2014 in Peshawar targetingschool children. An estimated 145 innocent lives along with teachers waskilled; however, the exact numbers of lives lost are still unknown. Childrenwere shooting in their classrooms. The so called Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan(TTP) took the responsibility of this attack and claimed it to be a revengefrom Pakistan Army for attacking the North Waziristan tribal areas in June2014. It was deadly attacks ever on a school in any country. However, accordingto GCPEA report Colombia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan and Somalia wereworst affected.

These places had experienced more than a 1,000 attacks onuniversities, schools, staff and students. The emphasis is to discuss impactsof terrorism on Pakistani youth amongst the countries affected by complicatedterrorism. The reason behind terroristic attacks on educational institutions isdifficult to understand because there are varying reasons. Violence produceslong-term effects than any natural disaster or accidents (Schenlger et al.,2002). Maximum experience of the traumatic incident and threat to life or anyconstant violence causes damaging effect to the psychological health ofindividual and mostly in Pakistani society (Khalily et al.

, 2010; Galea et al.,2003). In Pakistani society psychological trauma is on the rise and isprevailing in whole country (Medicines Sans Frontiers, 2008), due to whichpeople are effected badly and they are helpless, powerless and paralyzed (Herman,1992; Abdel-hamid et al., 2004). It is documented that severe exposure topsychological traumas outcome in physical health problems and psychologicalproblems (Boscarino, 1997).

According to Alexander and Klein (2005) the purposebehind terrorist activities is to build anxiety, fear and panic and developinga sense of helplessness and hopelessness to destroy the sense of security andsafety and representing the ineffectiveness of the authorities.


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