Discussion with people to do new things

Discussion Board #4Leadership is about working with people to do new things in a world which is increasingly complex and fast changing. There are numerous ways to accomplish this. The three VPs each have pros and cons that represent their perspectives.

Regarding to the statement of the first VP, it is importance to build relationships among the people you are leading. When you purposefully work toward building relationships with others, you’ll become an effective leader and you work more effectively together. Personally I think he is right, it’s important to establish good relationships that create happy employees. The reason is that happy employees remain motivated to do their jobs. However, he is incorrect in a sense that happiness is not the most important leadership principle. It will be difficult to make every employee happy as each employee has their own opinion and personality.The second VP is correct that you need to develop organizational goals. According to him, effective leaders have the authority to tell people what to do and would be able to guide and their staff to accomplish their goals.

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He is incorrect because a strategy needs to be incorporated to accomplish the goals. If a clear strategy is not implemented, then the goal may not be accomplished effectively and efficiently.The third VP is correct that a vision typically creates a strategy to accomplish the goal. He is also correct in a sense that the other two VP are describing management principles. VP three fails to convey a proper strategy on how to pursue the vision successfully. 2. If you take the vision of VP three, combine it with the goals of VP two, and incorporate them with the relationship building strategy of VP one; then you have an effective leadership principle to pursue.

It is important to develop good working relationships with all stakeholders. It is also important to have an effective goal to accomplish the overall vision of the organization. These are critical qualities/factors to have in effective leadership.

3. It is possible that the term leader and manager to be interchanged. However, it must be interchanged with extreme caution. A leader creates the vision for an organization.

However, a leader should not be involved in the day to day management of the operation of the organization. That is the purpose of management. It is the purpose of management to pursue and enforce the proper policies to accomplish the leaders vision.

The leader helps to develop the managers by creating strategies to accomplish the vision. It is also up to the leader. Some leaders like to be involved with the day to day management. However, it must be an option. Otherwise it will decrease the value of the managers.


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