Discrimination purposely. An example of this in my

Discrimination may deliberately occur in the work setting, but if this is Ann apparent issue it should be reported. An example of this deliberately occurring in the work place could be perhaps between colleagues, where perhaps one colleague could treat another colleague unfairly based on their gender.

For example saying certain jobs are ‘women’s jobs’ like cooking or cleaning around work, is gender based discrimination, or the other way round saying some jobs are ‘men’s jobs’ for example building or maintenance work in the workplace could be seen as discrimination if it was said directly for example a male colleague saying to a female colleague ‘you can do the cleaning that is women’s work’. discrimination could happen inadvertently in the work setting also, for example if a rule or a policy was put in place that directly applied to anyone it could perhaps discriminate against a few people in which the rule / policy applies to but not purposely. An example of this in my work setting could be that if we all went out on a group activity within the community, and we reach the venue and discover that it isn’t not wheelchair accessible. This sometimes perhaps can not be helped, but it is indirectly discriminating against wheelchair users for being in a wheelchair, as it is denying them the access.

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Another example could be that a full time job has come about, and the employees are favouring male candidates because they believe that the women candidates and some point may take maternity leave or be the main career if their children therefore this could affect the working hours, but this is therefore indirect discrimination because it is suggesting that women should be the designated career of their children, and it is also favouring one gender for the job over the other which is discriminating.


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