Discoveries and the conversational tone portray to

Discoveries can be confronting in nature, challenging our understandings of ourselves and others. Throughout ‘Fire and Ice’ Frost challenges our widely-held assumptions and beliefs of humanity and presents to us renewed perceptions of those around us. Frost uses fire and ice to challenge our assumptions and beliefs of humanity. The conversational tone of ‘Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice’ presents binary opposites which confronts the reader with the differing perspectives of those around us. Binary opposites are two differing aspects placed together to portray different world views, while the conversational tone allows for a personal connection with the text as well as challenging the reader as to the inevitability of your existence due to the casual way this is presented. Frosts employment of binary opposites and the conversational tone portray to the reader how the world is going to be destroyed regardless of our efforts to preserve it, confirming our inevitability and leads us to question the nature of the people around us. To further this inevitability symbolism of the fire and ice portraying the desire and hate of the world respectively. This is seen through ‘tasted of desire…. Favour fire’ and ‘know enough of hate… destruction ice is also great’. Symbolism helps to connects ideas to actions/objects in our lives which we can understand and empathise with. The symbolism in the poem helps to shift the position of the poem not solely as a statement on the end of the world but also on how men treat each other and the extent to which this effects the world challenging our assumptions as to the destruction of the world. The discovery in the poem enforces the destruction nature of mankind. The imagery of ‘but if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice.’ describes the understanding the persona has come to as to the inevitability of the world. The imagery of the ice and destruction challenges our assumptions and beliefs that the world will only be destroyed once. Frost uses the imagery to challenge our part in the destruction of humanity by ourselves. The discovery portrayed in ‘Fire and Ice’ challenges our beliefs of humanity and ourselves and those around us by confronting us with the brutal nature of mankind and the destruction nature of our existence.


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