Disagreements both sides of the argument as

Disagreements between children can be particularly challenging. The younger of children will tend to be very emotional and have a tendency to cry a lot. This can also result into tantrums and strops.

The key to dealing with disagreements between children is to listen to both sides of the argument as this will then let the children know that both of their views are heard and that there is no special treatment amongst them. In addition, it is found to be beneficial to make the children see things from others point of view by making them think about how they would feel if the same situation had happened to them. It also has to be made the clear what is right and wrong in each situation and apologies must be encouraged when necessary. Children often do not understand the concept of sharing (this is particularly noticeable with only children) and this is where most disagreements can stem from. The idea of ‘Circle Time’ is great to overcome this as it teaches the children to sit quietly whilst listening to others and waiting their turn.

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However, with young people disagreements may be harder to overcome as at this stage they will be very opinionated and have their own understanding of what they believe is right and wrong. In addition to this, they are also more strong willed and will have developed more independence.


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