* types of properties * Industry, premises,


* Purchase and Sale of all types of properties * Industry, premises, and housing leases * Transfers and leases with purchase option * Processing before the banking and financial entities for mortgage and personal loan concessions * Preparation and processing of public deeds in Notary * Processing and settlement of the corresponding taxes before the Administrations and Delegations of the Treasury and before the competent City Councils about taxes and fees and Municipal Licenses of any order.Purchase property:If you are interested in buying your dream house in Italy, we will put you in touch with the best and most well-known intermediaries and real estate agencies in the country. Our specialized lawyers are essential in these transactions to safeguard your investment and advise you on all potential hidden risks.The first and most important step to follow in the purchase of a property is due diligence. Risks and administrative fines are frequent in these transactions since there are many different aspects of adhering to when making an investment in a park. In Italy, the signing of a preliminary contract does not transfer the ownership in your name; however, the signing of the agreement leads to specific commitments. If due diligence has not been carried out, problems may arise that may lead to the loss of your deposit or lose unnecessary money to rectify the problem.To buy the house of your dreams, you may have to apply for a mortgage to finance the payment of the property. As with the purchase itself, this can be a complicated issue, especially if you do not understand the law and the language. We have extensive experience in obtaining mortgages for clients, and we can help you in all matters; Also, we work closely with the Italian banks that allow us to get the most favorable treatment regarding interest payments.The sale of the propertyAs we offer assistance in buying houses, we are also able to help you if you want to sell your property. Having a professional guide who in these transactions is essential, because due to the Italian bureaucracy, it is not always possible to sell a property if the documentation related to it is not updated, it is clear, and it is not complete. In addition to this, you may not know that you also need a valid Italian tax identification code and updated the energy certificate to sell a property – these are just some of the requirements necessary to carry out one of these operations. We assist our clients throughout the process and take care of the acquisition of the relevant documentation and all other aspects to ensure that the sale is made without any problems.We assist many clients in those for the sale of properties inherited by members of their family and who wish to sell them because they do not reside in Italy. This can also be a complicated procedure since in many cases the inheritance procedure has not been completed correctly – problems such as updated cadastral documents or lack of planning permission, among others, are the most common. These issues can be easily solved by an experienced Italian lawyer who will make sure that the entire process has been completed without any complications.About us:Our experience and knowledge in this market mean that we can give you the best guidance and advise you on what type of investment you should take into account depending on your requests and needs.


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