Digital it also levels businesses and organizations that

Digital environment has opened the new horizons for the users froma new perspective, in a commercial way.The new form of  social marketing  have turned users into consumers. Digitaltechnology provides a new channel to acquire product information via socialnetworking..

The digital platform, on a mass scale, connect peoplein ways that facilitate sharing information, thereby reducing the opportunitiesfor exploitation—whether by charging more than a competing supplier forotherwise identical goods and services or charging anything at all for productsthat simply don’t work.. The Social Web dramatically levels the playing fieldby making information plentiful, just as it also levels businesses andorganizations that operate on the principles of making information scarce. TheSocial Web exposes the good, the bad, and the ugly, simultaneously raising upwhat works and putting down what doesn’t without regard for the interests ofany specific party Web2.

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0 is challenging business leadership not only in the marketplace but now aswell across business fronts ranging from corporate reputation and  retention of key employees to the design ofnew products and services . Socialbusiness—the application of social technologies as a formal component ofbusiness processes—revolves around understanding how your customers orstakeholders connect to your business and how you reshape your business tounderstand, accept, and innovate based on their involvement. Social business isabout integrating all your business functions: customer support, marketing, theexecutive team, and more.

Digital platforms not only facilitates transactionsin tangible goods and services but also gives online access to content andservices. Access to content and digital services create numerous advantages dueto low marginal costs of distribution, instant and unlimited access and reducedenvironmental costs. 


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