Different types of hospitality
Hospitality = the friendly and generous reception and entertainment towards others
Hotels – give customers a welcoming attitude and are always providing a high standard of service throughout the customers stay
Guest Houses – give a personal touch of service as they are independent and are not meeting targets/goals, focus more on each customer and not see them as more ways to make money
Restaurants – give customers a pleasant attitude when taking and delivering drink and food orders.
Holiday Centres – give customers a pleasant experience even when the customer is on a lower budget
Camp Sites – by allowing the customers to be independent and offering them a different experience of being independent
Caravan Parks – offer activities for families and for people certain ages
Airlines – always offering high levels of service before, during and after the flight has taken place
Conferences and Exhibitions – showing the people around the even or simply helping with questions
Attractions – point people in the right direction, make suggestions on what to go on and where to go next.


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