However, in anthropology and sociology, (2) Organizational

However, the two concepts differ in many significant ways: (1) Researches on organizational were mainly based in psychology, whereas, the study of organizational culture is based in anthropology and sociology, (2) Organizational climate does not deal with values and norms in most cases. On the other hand, organizational culture is very often described as the means through which people in an organization learn and communicate what is acceptable and unacceptable in an organization, based on the history and traditions of an organization and focuses on values and norms concerning teacher behaviours. (3) Organizational climate usually refers to current situations in an organization and the linkages among work groups, employees and work performance. Organizational culture usually refers to the historical context within a situation occurs and the impact of this context on employ behaviours.

(4) Organizational climate is usually more easily manipulated by management to directly influence teacher behaviours. In contrast, organizational culture is generally considered much more difficult to change/modify in short-run situations since it has been defined over a period of years of tradition and history.

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