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Did you know Julia Childs was known for more than being a famous Cordon Bleu chef? She was a part of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) when she was sent overseas to watch over coded messages through foreign offices and the flow of information. After being sent to China for her job she realized how much she did not like the food that was offered, which ultimately inspired to be the world famous chef she is today. Although her job at the OSS might have been “boring”, the discipline and patience she attained guided her to become the master chef we recognize. Julia Childs is most known for her culinary skills and her television cooking show, but her accomplishments were far more inclusive. Her culinary skills might have been her claim to fame, but she also served in the OSS, was a spy in World War II, and pursued her passion to be a chef in France. Julia Childs was a very accomplished woman, both in and out of the kitchen.
Julia Child started her career as a spy during World War II and served at the strategic service office. Soon after starting this job, she discovered that she wanted to serve in the military rather than be on the sidelines. She tried to enroll in the military but was automatically cut because she was too tall (6’2). Instead, she moved to Washington and applied to work at OSS and the Office of War. Although her height previously hindered her, it proved to be an advantage at this job interview. Being tall helped her stand out in a positive way. She started as a typist and researcher, and quickly excelled at both. She was promoted to work with General William Donovan, leader of of OSS. After serving in Washington for two years, she was sent overseas where so managed the flow of information and coded messages through the foreign offices. Although she worked with highly classified papers that dealt with Malay Peninsula and could be dangerous, she loved working with it. Many have said that her work effort actually helped created the famous chef she is known to be today.
Did you know Julia Childs was a chef and later moved to France to pursue her passion? She enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu and studied under Chef Max Bugnard, who was her favorite teacher. While most French and American housewives let their maid cook for them, Childs joined a group known as “Trois Gourmandes”. The Trois Gourmandes opened up their own cooking school with help from Chef Bugnard. This idea they had took years of research, publicity campaigns, recipe tasting and numerous attempts at finding a publisher. After fulfilling her job of opening her cooking school, she moved back to the states with her husband. She was then immediately interviewed for a cookbook series. After completing her 200 programs on classical French cooking, her colleagues and her came up with a book which was later known as the best selling cookbook for five straight years.
After pursuing her love for cooking, she appeared on many different tv shows and was able to increase her popularity. After completing he first cookbook in 1962, the television station near her home displayed her book and she demonstrated how to make a dish. This was so successful she was invited back to start a series. After her series was released, it was shown across the states 96 stations. Her appearance on tv got her on ABC morning, and Good Morning America. She was also invited to appear on Boston’s public tv station and appear on “I’ve been reading.” The host of the show was hesitant to start right away, because he wanted to take time to review. However, Julia showed up prepared to cook and made an omelet. This increased her popularity yet again as 27 viewers contacted the station wanting to see more. Julia showed people what a taste of french cuisine was like and portrayed her passion to millions of people around the world, helping to inspire many people to cook.
In conclusion, Julia Childs was an amazing woman who accomplished many things in her various occupations. She was helpful in her war efforts, innovative in her coding with the OSS, and creative in her cooking. A lot of people looked up to Julia Childs for being able to overcome adversity when she was rejected because of her height. Today, she serves as a great role model to all women across the world.


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