Did hibernation when it gets warm and

Did you know global warming caused a heat wave in Europe that killed 35000, well that’s only one of the many terrible effects that global warming dose to are earth. Global warming causes many different things that effect use and the environment greatly such as, it doses many things to are earths plants and animals, are glaciers and ice sheets to melt, and threat to human life.

First global warming is major effect of our plant and are animal life. Global warming is causing it to feel like spring earlier than it really is and the animals don’t know that because all the other passed years they are used to coming out of hibernation when it gets warm and they do but it’s too early and then it gets cold again and some of them die because they can’t adapt quick enough the food chain gets messed up because if other animals die it will give others nothing to eat for example a bear would get out of hibernation but it’s not spring but its hotter than it usually is for a long period of time and there is a drought the drought causes the plants (baryes) there for the bear will de which will affect the whole food chain. Its also very hard for all the animals to adapt to because of all the warm weather caused by global warming.
The second major effect of global warming is rise of sea level. Did you know it can take only 91 years to melt a glacier nitinol park you might think that that’s a long time it is but for a whole intier nitinol park its very short. Also, many coastal areas are under water and towns are flooding what would you do if you were one of those people house hole house is under water how would you feel. Now and 1900 the ocean is 7 inches deeper which is a lot more than a bath tub filled to the top. Did you know by 2001 7 to 23 inches of water will fill the ocean just because global warming and that’s not included the melting ice sheets.


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