Did Javanese that your head might explode

Did you know that there are five private institutions in Yogyakarta, Indonesia that teach foreigners  the language Javanese.

You probably didn’t know that because Javanese isn’t spoken of often in other countries. You probably don’t even know what Javanese is. Well, don’t worry because I will be telling you what it is and so many more things about it. You will know so much about Javanese that your head might explode or you will at least be able to go explain it to someone else and maybe even decide to learn how to speak it.Javanese is very difficult to teach and learn. Since it is so hard to learn and teach Javanese, there is a risk of future generations not being able to speak it. It is only spoken in four different countries with a very small number of people knowing how to speak true Javanese. Javanese is a multi-level language that is spoken in different levels for politeness or casual conversation.

This language has five different styles and it has been influenced in many different ways. Even though Javanese is spoken in Malaysia, Netherlands and singapore it is mostly spoken in Indonesia. Indonesia is a country made up of islands between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. It is the most widely spread country in South Asia and the fifteenth largest country in the world. The island in Indonesia that speaks Javanese is Java.

Java has a population of 141 million people. On the Island of Java there are over 75 million people who speak Javanese. There are also Javanses settlements in other parts of the world. Some of those areas are Papua, Sulawesi and Maluku. The Dutch brought the Javanese language to Indonesia. The Dutch plantation workers that brought Javanese to Indonesia passed the language on to their descendants. Javanese is mostly spoken in the suburban and rural areas, but is also spoken in the urban areas too.

It is very hard to learn Javanese. Javanese is so hard learn because there are limited resources. It is very hard for a lot of people to write and translate some of the Javanese letters. It may also be hard for a lot of people to learn it because a lot of the materials and good ways of teaching it are all lost. Since this language is a memory language people might have trouble learning it because their memory is very weak. Teaching Javanese is very hard also. There are a limited amount of teachers and not a lot of curriculum. It is also very complex.

There is also a very small number of people interested in learning. You can’t speak Javanese when you are talking about technology and science. Many people also think that the Javanese language is for old people. The javanese language is not used in social media or just around many towns so it is very hard to practice outside of class. Javanese is a very fun language to learn and speak. There are many interesting things to learn about, like what I mentioned in the first paragraph that there are five private institutions in Yogyakarta, Indonesia that teach foreigners the language Javanese. Another interesting fact is that the name Javanese is taken from jáwa-wut plant.

There are also three styles of this language. Each style has its own grammar rules and vocabulary. Something else that might interest you is that according to Javanese Language and Cultural Identity in Indonesian Local Curriculum “many official government employees are from Javanese ethnic.”The 4th century is the earliest known writing of Javanese is known to man. In the 4th century the Pallava alphabet was used to write Javanese. In the 10th century the Kawi alphabet was used to form the Javanese writing.

In the 15th century the Javanese language started to be written by using the Arabic alphabet. By the 17th century Javanese had been formed almost exactly to its current state. In the 19th century when the Dutch brought the latin alphabet to Indonesia the Javanese language reached its current state. The Javanese language is a multi-level language.

According to mylanguages.org each level of Javanese is “spoken in direct relationship to the social status or politeness required between the individual speakers.” There are two levels of the Javanese language regular and respect. With all the troubles of teaching and learning Javanese and not many people interested in it there is a scarce reality that future generation not being able to speak it and the language dieing. It also does not help the language stay alive if people don’t use it in other places besides their class.

To help comprehend and learn every word from the Javanese language people need to start using it in their everyday life like in social media for example. Even though it is a very hard language to learn and teach it is a amazing and very interesting language that needs to stay alive.There are many styles of the javanese language. Some of those styles are Ngoko, Krama, Madya, Krama Inggil, Basa Kedaton.

Krama Inggil is the hardest out of all of them to speak and learn.


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