Did factor that plays into mental health condition

Did you know that ”Across the nation, individuals with severe mental illness are three times more likely to be in a jail or prison than in a mental health facility and 40 percent of individuals with a severe mental illness will have spent some time in their lives in either jail, prison, or community corrections.”  Who would have thought the prison can be a causation of mental health conditions in convicts. Incarceration has a major impact on mental health issues. These issues may include depression, stress, anger,  paranoia,  anxiety etc.

A huge factor that plays into mental health condition from prison is solitary confinement.  Prisoners put into isolation can affect that person psychologically. When a person with these type of mental illness come out of jail are more likely to be reincarcerated. In the article, it stated that ” As the number of prison beds has risen in this country, the number of public-psychiatric-hospital beds has fallen.” This tells me that many people which mental illnesses are put in prison to suffer more than to get professional help to treat these citizens. Some people have been sent to jail/ prison instead of mental institutions because of lack of resources and not enough facilities.

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Most criminals with mental illness are more like to go to jail because of their behavior, which is not good for the convict Prisoners with treatable illnesses are being sent into the criminal justice system and instead of a mental health system. Sending people to jail who have mental disorders can create a new criminal. Prisons and jails can make a person go mad. Sometimes being locked away and isolated from any human contact can make a person do crazy things which lead to further crime. This can be a crime committed inside prison and outside of person once a person is released. People who are incarcerated with mental health conditions are one of the major reason why the US recidivism rates for mass incarceration have gone up.

The criminal justice system needs to focus on creating more mental health programs for people with mental illness to better the prisons since prison is about ” rehabilitation.” 


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