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Developing an online community
The number of ways the company will develop an online community is by posting content which is aimed to interest the target audience. This is could be by using various promotional techniques rather than the ‘hard sell’ approach which could bore customers online. Individuals tend to enjoy when being asked for their opinion or feedback, therefore, is vital for the business to create surveys and questionnaires in which they can ask for their customer’s feedback. This will allow them to engage, interact and communicate with their customers. For an example, when they create new clothing they should ask their followers online ‘what do you think we should include in our new range?’ .This way they can gather their opinions and create something which meets the needs of their customers. They could post special offers for instance if you like our Instagram post you will get a 20% discount on your purchase. In order for the business to create an online community, they must first reply back to all customers when asking questions. It’s vital for them to regularly monitor their accounts. Lastly, it’s not very useful for the business to display detailed information on their social media pages hence why should create links to their website which allows users who are interested to find out more about the business by simply clicking on the link.

Developing social media policy
It’s important for the businesses to create a social media policy as it can reduce the number of issues in future. Social media policy is a document that lays down guidelines for the social media used within the business. This means that the business must take account factors like:
Organisation image and philosophy: It’s important for Tulips Wardrobe to present itself through social media in the way they want to the public eye. They may also want to present a philosophy like ‘hand stitched’ to show that they put in the effort and time into their products.
Guidelines for content: The social media policy needs to state clearly what kind of content is appropriate to post and what is not. It should make sure that content is not offensive or discriminative towards anyone. It should also include guidelines for employees, like not to get into arguments with customers.
Guidelines for confidentiality: There is some information which the business should keep confidential for instance any new product development or the mobile number of employees. The policy would be that employees don’t post certain content online.
Guideline for security: Security risks involved with social media are high therefore the business must keep account details secure to prevent security issues like malware.
Separating organisation and personal content: Most employees working within an organisation will have their own separate social media profiles, therefore, it’s important for them to know not to use the businesses social media account for personal interaction with customers.
Legal and ethical considerations: The social media policy should cover the use of tracking cookies, targeted adverts and copyright laws. There are two law which need to be followed. One of them is the EU law which obliges the consent of the user before cookies can be deposited on the device. The second law is if the assets are not created by the business they must check for copyright. Not only this must they get the permission from the owner of the assets. This may involve a payment fee. Lastly, prevent using unethical practices such as black hat SEO techniques.

Social media policy’s for Tulips Wardrobe
The social media policies I’m going to be using for the business ‘Tulips Wardrobe’ are that the employees must follow the organisation image policy which states that employees must present a positive brand image for the business by using various promotional posts as well as know what is appropriate to post. They must follow a guideline for the content posted which is that they use models with mix races therefore they don’t discriminate against others. They must know what to post therefore they don’t go against any one’s religion, race and culture. Tulips Wardrobe will also have a policy for guidelines for confidentiality which will be that employees don’t share content which is not yet to come out like any new products development, mobile phone number of staff, managers contact details and employees income. Another policy will be that the business must have high security within the social media accounts to prevent any issues like malware and hacking. This means that each social media account must have a firewall, this falls in to the guideline for security. Separating organisation and personal content, this policy states that employees must not use the business accounts for personal use by uploading personal content as it’s strictly used for the business use only. The last policy is that employees must follow the legal and ethical considerations which are that they ask for the consent of users before using cookies. They must also get the consent of others before using their content due to the copyright law.

Review and refining plans
Planning the use of social media is an on-going process of reviewing feedback and refinement. It’s important for Tulips Wardrobe to review the quality and effectiveness of all its social media pages and the content posted as it can determine what benefits the business. This will involve:
Gathering feedback from a client and potential users: The business would first need to gather feedback from its clients and target audience. Secondly, they will need to get feedback from users and analyse it using social media analytic tools, for example, Facebook Insights. This will show the business whether they have met their target and success criteria
Communicating with a client: The consultant would need to discuss their plans with the client in order to get their approval and improve the social media plans. Working with a client would be difficult as they would have opinions which you may not always agree with therefore it’s important to listen carefully to what the client says, and to consider what their aims are for their social media campaign.
Scheduling and documenting meetings: In order for Tulips Wardrobe to work well with its clients they must set up regular meeting and schedule beforehand. In these meetings Tulips Wardrobe can present the ideas and plans they have to the client. It’s vital to take notes in these meetings, therefore, you can look back on what you had discussed about, any new decision made and feedback from the client. These ideas can then be used in future.
Agreeing and adjusting timescales: Communication is very important in building a good relationship between clients. It’s important for the business to have a good relationship with its clients in order for them to agree to certain tasks and timescales. Having good communication will allow you to make decisions easily and agree to time scales.
Refining ideas and solutions: Once the business has gathered all the feedback they must check in with the social media consultant and client and analyse the success of their social media planning. For instance, Tulips Wardrobe can measure whether the timescales and targets set are working to the need to be refined or adjusted. Once the work is done with the client the business must review the work and come up with new solutions and negotiate to an agreed version of the social media plan.


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