Developing above and beyond to obtain an outstanding

Developing our people – progressour employees across a range of area, not just keeping them refined to one. An objectiveAirbus sets in order to meet this is by reaching out to all staff through theAirbus Leadership University which isbased in Toulouse but has campuses all over the world. Airbus also encouragesthe use of digital learning on a system called myPulse. Digital learning allowsall staff to have the ability to grow anddevelop no matter where they are in theworld in order to build their awarenessand technological skills.

Engagement with studentsand inspire the next generation – Airbus wants to inspire the younger generation to build a career in aerospace. Aim set an objective to motivate pupilsto work harder, to get better grades and to go above and beyond to obtain anoutstanding education. // On the way in which Airbushas maintained this goal is through theFlying Challenge Programme.

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The objective of the programme is to teach students aroundthe age of 13 – 14, about flying, job prospectsin the aviation industry, how to develop a wide range of skills, and gain hands-on experience. // Airbus chooses to invest in communities as Airbus wants to support the generations of the future. Hence, Airbuspush to build passion in young people lives through science and aeronautics. Promoting Inclusiveness and equality – Airbus encouragesthe need for teams to have people from a range of different social and culturalbackgrounds. By doing this it will increase our ability to be more creative andperform to the best of our ability in our individual teams and as acompany. Hence, Airbus has put steps in place to ensure the whole company hasgender equality and to advance women inthe workplace.

For example, Airbus has buildfacilities which provide women with an area which allows them to develop theiraeronautics and space skill for future job prospectuses.


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