Determined, own limits. I’m determined to succeed.

Determined, passionate, authentic, life is an opportunity. An opportunity to express optimism, to overcome doubt and to indulgent adoration. I believe in the best in the people and word to fourth to best in myself. Determination is my drive, it what pushes me every day be someone better, do something bold and go somewhere new. Determination allows me to never settle, never give less than my best. It forces me to plan ahead, look beyond might today and push pass myself to explore pass my own limits. I’m determined to succeed.

To position myself as an optimal candidate for any position. Determination means never giving up, failing and still moving forward.Passion is my essence, it’s a spark that ignite fire in my heart. A fire I put forward in my relationships my dreams, my future. I’m passionate about people. Extinctive myself to distinctive others.

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Embracing and learning from opposition. I’m passionate about new experiences, learning to become a better citizen of the world.Authenticity is my truth, it’s a core that hold me together. The transparency that allows me to enhance self-disclosure. Authenticity is my verification that every day I lived to prove forth my best of myself. To represent my workplace as ”what matter to you champion” with a tows tale and experiences to share. It means pursuing my ambition, living as I see fit, staying true to these essential values of mine.

My authenticity is captures with words, my thoughts, experiences, and ambition expose on my little Eifel tower, my blog.Today and everyday I walked determined with my head held high, passion thriving in my heart and authenticity humbling in my being. This is who I’m.  Determined, passionate and authentic. They don’t simply describe me they guide me.

My future is shaped by the choices I make based on this values I hold true.


I'm Mary!

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