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Despite the fact of growth of the Internet, television is still one of the most important sources of information. It plays such a key role in people’s everyday lives that fortunately or unfortunately we tend to watch TV almost every day. Of course, the vast majority may state that it is no longer the main source anymore, we are not even considering radio as a source anymore but still almost in every house TV has a presence. In the late 1920’s TV appeared in a very raw experimental form and it took a couple of years to make this idea come true. During the 1950’s it was a primary source that influenced public opinion in general. (,2016).
What did we do before the appearance of television? Before we let the “one-eyed monster” into our homes, it was never a complicated thing for us to spend our free time differently. We had the opportunity to enjoy the achievements of Civilization. For example, for us it was in the order of things to have a hobby, entertain our friends and entertain ourselves, go to theaters, cinema, participate in hikes and sports competitions. We even had a habit of reading books and educate ourselves. All this belongs to our past. Nowadays our free time is regulated by the “box of miracles”. We have even stopped sitting at the table and have a dinner, exchanging news of the day during this process. The monster demands and receives absolute silence and attention. In my opinion, the new generation cannot imagine their lives without TV programmes. It has become a norm to watch Netflix and chat with friends in order to get moral satisfaction. Let’s admit the fact that young generation is less educated and more susceptible to new technologies. First of all, teens have become “multitasking” robots and they prefer combining this with other activities like social networking using their devices such as laptop or smartphone and switching their focus from one to another. Teens step by step losing the actual definition of social interacting and becoming more and more passive. Modern TV also provides unlimited access to violence, sex and strong language that might cause a severe impact on our social health in general. Shows such as Happy Tree Friends, The Family guy or Americans Dad are such a pure propaganda of violence and sex.
Everything depends on how we filter this particular information and how deep inside we dive in. I find the limitation of this content very necessary because curious uneducated mind might wear these models of behaviour on themselves and it may cause a shattered image of what are the moral norms. We must take measures right now and tell the society in general that everything that has ever been broadcasted on TV is really good for us and in most cases, it does not represent the actual image of what is happened or happening in our world.
I would like to ask a question – if the content that was broadcasted decades ago and what TV companies offer us now, is that the real facts that our opinion about something can be based on? Famous American stand-up comedian once stated – “Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.” (Bill Hicks,2018). One might suggest that this called “box of miracles” is full of content that has been taken from nowhere and it is just a brainwash for the people who have a low self-esteem. To be honest, if somebody asks me a question – do you support this point of view? I would definitely say – yes, I am! I cannot say that I am entirely on this train but referring to society opinion – there is no such an evidence that can prove if an accident was real and not simulated by someone’s whim. There comes another question – how to understand if information that TV has given to us is not a fake one? According to human nature, we tend to believe what other people say to us. In case of news that we are watching on TV, we believe in that because we cannot reach a specific place within a few seconds. Our “intelligent” world still keep improving smartphones instead of creating something useful. There is only one solution how to verify information – take a plane or bus and explore this place by yourself.


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