Designing a product can only be achieved by

Designing hasfascinated me since an early age. It has always been my centre of pondering. My fondness towards art and design has constituted the basisfor me pursuing architecture at my bachelor’s level. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I have been an above averagestudent scoring impressive grades in various subjects.

 During my bachelor’s studies, the design has been my coresubject. It was then when I first comprehended my inclination towardsDesign. I plan to pursue my mastersin Industrial Design. Form and technology both play a vital role in designing,irrespective of the product or service being designed.

 A product isprimarily so designed it fulfils its function and has an exemplary form too. If we consideran example of headphones, which are primarily small loudspeakers with an idealshape to fit over the human head, shows an ideal balance between form andtechnology. The form of the product should be highly appealing with an exceptional technology used to manoeuvre it. Dynamic products are created with an ideal combination of form and technology.The form of a product isextremely important as it is responsible for delivering the elements andfactors in design. The tangible form of product often secures the comprehensiveelements and makes the product useful for its intended purpose. The form does not only associate with the aesthetics of the product but the product experienceas well.

 Form corresponds with ergonomics tocreate an ideal shape suitable for its purpose. It carries out and communicates essential practical andaesthetic functions. Technology is a significant aspect of designing. The form of afunction is always challenged by the manufacturing process and technique usedto develop it. A precise form of a product can only be achieved by asuitable manufacturing process involved in creating the product. Considering astark example of butchers knife, where a sharp blade is required, a formaltechnological process can sharpen the blade. A blunt blade withaesthetically appealing handle is practically ofno use. Technology is also associated with the quality product experience.

 Due to the current environmental circumstances,sustainability has emerged as a key factor in designing a product. Designing processes right from conceptualization stage to the final manufactured product should employ right materialswhich are sustainable, efficient forms and effective technology. Designing demonstrates unparalleled opportunities for developing distinguished products along with respecting natural resourcesthrough innovation.

 Products designed shouldbe governed by the consumer’s aspect of usage rather than designer’s set of design principles. Consumers tend to develop a certain kind of emotional attachment to such products. These products are frequently used and less replaced, lesseningthe burden on the environment.

 Products thus fabricatedshould meet man’s needs and regards nature as well.While gaining industrial experience, I gathered that IndustrialDesign is far more than just styling. It brings together the best ofeach discipline involved in product development,from design to manufacturing to marketing, into acombination that best meets the product need. An efficient use of superior technology and effective formcan develop durable, feasible, economical and sustainable products. Industrialdesigning is not just about designing a product but designing an experience.

The master’s program at Lund University is justan apt program to attain firsthand knowledgeabout industrial design through its extensiveworkshops, projects and theoretical course. The program can helpto get a grasp of my skills and develop anindividualistic style. Studying Industrial Design can enhanceand upgrade my capabilities and enable meto come up with functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing designs whichwould cater to mass for social betterment. I wouldconsider it an honour if I could study at Lund Universityand assure you that I will put in my utmost effort into this domain. Lastly, I am ascertained anddetermined to take the advantages and benefits of this master’s programme.

 I will make my stay at Lund Universityenriching and brimful with contemporary ideas and techniques which woulddeliver dynamic products having the perfect amalgamation of form and technology.


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