Design Design is not restricted to one

Design is an art of creativity, imagination of original ideas, to create something inventiveness, transformation of innovation.Everyone has some art hidden inside them, unless you try to bring it out, you can identify your calibre.Art of design is not only permitted to classic arts. Designing can be implemented into various areas.Steve Jobs quoted that – “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

” Designing is something which comes out from our soul. It’s not something out of box or complicated stuff, the more simple a design is, the best it is.You just trust in yourself and then creativity just rushes out.Did you know?·         Actually human mind processes visual information sixty thousand times faster than text.·         All most 90% of the transmitted information to the human brain is visual.

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·         A website designed 3 years old becomes out-dated. What is design?Design is an art of depicting a plan, drawing, graphical designing, interior designing and textile designing.Acknowledgment of a particular idea or ticket under a configuration, drawing, model, mould, pattern, arrangement alternately detail (on which the genuine alternately business preparation about a thing will be based) also which aides to accomplish those item’s designated targets.The history of design claims it to be very old, it all started with drawings or decorating things. Like the early man used to make symbols on the stones. Then slowly the definition of design started changing, it then came up to planning and designing, interior designing and many more kinds of the designing.

Design is not restricted to one single constraint; you can add design to anything. Designing with texts is all the starting about design. Designing then added on to decorating cards and papers. Later on after the development of World Wide Web, web designing became another major part of designing.Online education in designThis domain embraces the entire range of visual communication.

It needs a lot of thinking, interaction and self-involvement. More than the lectures and classes you have to attend; you should practice and learn things a lot.Online education provides you a good platform for interactive and innovative learning. Based on the credits and merits you can achieve scholarships and internships.

 Importance of Design education·         You can earn a lot of money.·         Its unique kind of art and you will stand out of the crowd.·         You get to develop excellent skills.·         You can acquire interchangeable skills.·         A student gets an opportunity to travel abroad. Specializations for design·         Mobile Application Design-it is related to interface mobile and other designing.·         Graphic design-designing of graphics for computers and mobiles·         Textile design-it is art of designing for clothes in weaving industries.

·         Typography and Calligraphy-designing of fonts and styles.·         Print Media-art of designing for various kinds of media like newspapers, magazines etc. ·         User Interface Animation-design animation for computers, mobiles and other electronics devices for games and other applications. Where can you work?·         UI designer-design user interface as an engineer·         Fashion and lifestyle designer-design clothes and various kinds of fashionable dresses.

·         Product designer-design a product on different kinds of domain.·         Game designer-a game designer makes games and designs animation.·         Textile designer-design various kinds of textiles.·         Interior designer-design interiors for home, decor and interiors for offices, schools and colleges.·         Media and communication-designing of print media and newspapers, magazines etc.ConclusionArt is a combination of art and soulful involvement.

If anyone is really interested in art work in any field, then design as a career option is the best. Unless you involve in something the hidden art doesn’t come out to showcase to the world.I am sure by now you have a brief understanding of what is design? How is it? What can you do? So now take a decision, whether to opt for it or not. You have many job opportunities and high paid jobs. I wish the young minds bring out a lot of creativity and innovation.

Wish you good luck for your future. All the best…!!! 


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