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Kyle Eslami Becoming a more fit and active person After looking a few years back, I’ve come to realize that proper nutrition and exercising can make a huge impact on someone’s life. Approximately two years ago, I was nearly two hundred and fifty pounds and I didn’t even seem to notice. I was at the age of seventeen and the height of five foot, ten inches; no young adult should ever have this excessive amount of bodyweight. I was having one hell of a time with my senior year of high school, but all fun and games had to come to a halt.I was putting my life, during the prime of my youth, in danger at such a young age.

It was time to make a difference, but how did I do it? First, I eliminated any type of bad habits I had picked up over my senior year. Any variation of pop seemed to be my favorite beverage. With pop having nearly fifty grams of sugar per serving, I knew I needed to cut it out of my diet. My new thirst quenchers of choice were water and pomegranate juice. You can’t get any healthier than that. I went a solid month with only drinking these two beverages and I saw some tremendous results.I managed to lose nearly ten pounds within a month without exercising. This is when I realized that eating differently and working out would help me obtain my goal of losing more weight.

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I then rushed to the grocery store with my mother to purchase healthier foods for my new lifestyle. Maintaining one’s diet and eating the right amount of daily calories may take a lot of time to get used to, but I was determined more than ever. We bought a large variety of different Kyle Eslami B. McDonald Composition 105 Essay # 4 Process 11/7/11 oods, anywhere in the mix of turkey, chicken breast, salmon, shrimp, tuna, vegetables, whole grain bread, nutrigrain bars, plain yogurt, and cottage cheese. This was a huge change for me; it took me about a week or so to get into routine eating these new foods. I went from eating double cheeseburgers to maintaining a strict diet within a matter of days. After putting in hard work to completely change my drinking and eating habits, I knew it was time to convert what I did with my free time.

My free time usually consisted of endless hours in front of the television screen playing video games.Don’t take me wrong, I still love playing games, but not like I used to. I replaced three out of the five hours with working out.

What appears to be healthier, sitting on your butt playing video games or lifting weights? I finally managed to make my way out to the local YMCA with a good friend of mine. He’s actually the one who encouraged me to start my new healthy lifestyle. We started off with some basic stretches and a short ten minute run. Was it normal that I felt extremely exhausted? After jogging for that short of a period, no person should ever be as winded as I was.

I was eating and drinking right, but this showed that my body was physically out of shape. We then proceeded to follow through with the weight lifting. We worked our core muscle groups: chest, back, triceps, biceps, and shoulders. After we finished working out, I immediately knew I was going to have a rough morning due to soreness. This was just another thing I had to get used to, Kyle Eslami B. McDonald Composition 105 Essay # 4 Process 11/7/11 but I do have to admit that it makes me feel great knowing my body is in the process of becoming more fit.Now that I’ve accomplished eating right, drinking right, and working out, it was time to find some general workout supplements to boost my experience. My friend and I made a quick stop to the local GNC to purchase some protein powder and bars.

The protein powder is by far the nastiest supplement I have taken. It has a copious amount of protein, a whopping 60 grams per serving. The protein bars are a different story; they taste delicious, but only have about half the amount of protein compared to the protein powder. Either or, I took both so I could enhance the growth of my body.With all of this said and done, it was time to figure out a good workout schedule. My friend and I decided it would be best to exercise on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to maintain enough rest in between each workout. You never want to over work your body, it can result in injury or even death.

We had to fit our core muscles, including legs, and some cardio in within those three days of working out. Every Monday we meet up to work out our core muscles. Two primary lifts for chest, including bench and barrel hugs. Two primary lifts for biceps, including preacher curl and hammer curl.Two Primary lifts for triceps, including triceps pushdown and dips. One primary Kyle Eslami B. McDonald Composition 105 Essay # 4 Process 11/7/11 lift for shoulders which is lat pulldowns and one primary lift for back which is plain and ordinary pushups. Pushups seem to work every muscle in your upper body so it’s always a good thing to do them.

Next, on Wednesdays we meet up to work out our legs. Leg work outs are usually the most strenuous. They get very tiring, but working out your legs is the key thing to keeping your whole body in shape.We start by doing four sets of squats and then immediately switch over to four sets of leg press. With those two workouts out of the way, we hop over to the leg curl machine for another four sets. After leg curls are completed, we do four sets of calve raises. Lastly, we finish up our workout with six sets of twenty five sit ups. Lastly, on Fridays we work on our core and cardio.

This work out is a little different compared to our other workouts. We work everything in sets of three starting with lunges. Thirty lunges, one hundred pushups, fifty sit ups, one minute of sprinting, one minute of stairs, and fifty lat pulldowns.This all totals in ninety lunges, three hundred pushups, one hundred and fifty sit ups, three minutes of sprinting, three minutes of stairs, and one hundred and fifty lat pulldowns. This is by far one of the most tiring days throughout the week and it definitely helped me improve tremendously.

Kyle Eslami B. McDonald Composition 105 Essay # 4 Process 11/7/11 We use Mondays and Wednesdays to help build more muscle. Fridays are for shedding fat and sweat, ridding of useless calories. This is by far one of the best workouts that I have personally used.

Not only are you getting bigger by lifting heavier weights and eating protein, but you’re also shedding a lot of fat. If this doesn’t suite you, then change it up. If you’re looking to only lose fat, do more workouts like the workout we do on Fridays. Also, avoid excessive amounts of protein. If you’re looking to get bigger, use the Monday and Wednesday workouts. Within a matter of months of proper dieting, exercising, and free time habits, anyone should notice a huge improvement in their health. Not only will you look good, you will feel absolutely amazing.If one keeps their dieting and workouts consistent, then they for sure will have no troubles in seeing quick results.

It only takes some determination and change, but it’s worth it in the long run. Over the last two years, I have managed to lose nearly seventy pounds and I’m still going strong. I’m to the point of no return; exercising has become a daily habit, and it will most likely be with me until the day I die. By following this process, one may or may not have as much success as I did.

We all make decisions, but is this the right one for you? You decide.


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