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There are different seasons in the world and each has got its significance as well as particular characteristics that make it unique. In most cases, there are four main seasons in a year which are inclusive of winter, summer, spring and autumn. Since all seasons are different in various ways, this essay shall describe winter and summer being two seasons which are marked by the extreme weather conditions.

Due to the weather conditions, life is quite different as there are certain activities and aspects that characterize each season. Bent on that, this essay shall give a description of life in winter and in summer focusing more on not only the activities but also on weather and clothing. Summer is a season that is marked by the relatively high temperatures. Days in summer are usually longer than the nights because the sun always rises up early. Consequently, people wake up earlier, work for long hours and end up accomplishing much. Due to the hot weather, people have to put on light clothes as they cannot make it to be on heavy clothing.

Generally, life is more enjoyable in summer and people are more energetic to perform their daily activities. However, such kind of a life is not enjoyed in the countries that lie near the tropics since temperatures are extremely hot in such places. Working indoors and outdoors is no different as it is quite uncomfortable in both cases. For instance, working indoors requires the help of air conditioners while working outdoor is also very problematic because people have an added responsibility of protecting their skins from the hot temperatures which are quite hazardous (Advantages and disadvantages of cold weather). Winter as highlighted in the introductory part is a season marked with cold temperatures as well as by short days and long nights.

Although the term is rather subjective, its beginning is marked by winter solstice which takes place exactly on the longest night as well as the shortest day in each year. Due to the cold and chilly weather, people as well as animals are very inactive and hence the reason why most animals hibernate as they are not able to continue with their daily lives due to the cold weather. Plant life is also affected since most plants cannot thrive in extremely cold temperatures. People have to put on very heavy clothing to generate and maintain warmth. Activities that people engage in are also meant to generate heat. However, there is also some fun since the season gives people a chance to engage in wonderful activities like skiing and children enjoy playing with snow and making snow balls. In conclusion, it is important to mention that winter and summer are all important seasons in each year as they have different impact in the life of individuals. Although both terms are subjective, they do take place interchangeably such that when it is winter at the northern hemisphere, it is summer at the southern hemisphere.

Both seasons are marked by different weather conditions which in turn determine several aspects like activities and the clothing that people wear in each. Temperatures in each season determine the type of activities, clothing and even food. The study has indicated that since winter is marked by low temperatures, people wear warm clothing, take foods that help to generate warmth and take part in activities that help to generate warmth. In summer, people wear very light clothing since the temperature is a bit high and have to take a lot of fluids to replace lost fluids. Both seasons have got advantages and disadvantages and hence none is superior to the other.

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