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Description and Analysis: In this standard, during my student teaching I demonstrated leadership by taking responsibility to ensure that all students in my class are progressing and that the knowledge been impacted on them guarantees their college readiness and they graduate from high school, are globally competitive for work and postsecondary education, and are prepared for life in the 21st century. This vision was also communicated to the students. Through a variety of data sources, I established, plan, and set goals that met the needs of the individual student and the class. Various types of assessment data were used during the school year to assess student progress and to adjust the instruction and learning process. I made sure there was a safe, orderly environment all the time, and created a culture that empowers students to collaborate and become lifelong learners.
Projects developed to demonstrate mastery of these standard are: ED 552, ED 542, ED 540, ED 544, ED 532.
The Artifacts Demonstrates My Competence on this Standard: As an educator, participating in the practicum offered me the first-hand experience to demonstrate leadership in the classroom by working collaboratively with school staffs to create a professional learning community. The knowledge I learned in the program courses assisted me in knowing how to examine and use local, state, and national data to set goals and strategies in the school improvement plan that improves student learning and teacher working conditions. In one of the artifacts I chose for this standard, is a written report I created during a second-grade placement in Fall 2016. For this assignment, I created a rubric outlining specific goals I set for a chosen target student. These goals were based on observations and anecdotal notes I had compiled on her in each observation. I assessed my target student in the beginning of my placement and again at the end of my placement and documented her growth in the form of a written document. I spent a lot of time with my target student and really got to know and understand her specific characteristics and needs. This information helped me to plan for her in the lessons I created and implemented. I had to support her growth in each lesson, so creating such specific criteria to assess her on gave me a very detailed picture on the multiple influences that affect a child’s development and learning. The target student assigned to me was Hispanic and she was extremely reserved and needed so much support with her reading. As I progressed with my placement and I continued to assess and create activities for her, I saw her gradually open up more and want to share her successes with her classmates.
Reflecting on the impact of the artifacts I made available for this standard, the information gained will afford me with the input I need in the future in deciding the selection of the right professional development that meets the needs of students and my own professional growth. With the acquired knowledge I can participate and collaborate with my colleagues to mentor and support teachers to improve the effectiveness of their departments or grade levels.


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