“Depression as increased sadness, anxiety, loss of

“Depression is a mental illness that is characterized by negative thoughts and behaviors. It is a disorder that has symptoms such as increased sadness, anxiety, loss of appetite, depressed mood, and a loss of interest in pleasurable activities” (Parekh, 2017).Some treatment options may include medications, therapy, and self-care. Examples of self care include sleep, physical activity, and diet. Needless to say nutrition has a major effect on human cognitive abilities, behavior, and emotions (Tello, 2018).The article Understanding nutrition, depression, and mental illnesses describes how depression is thought of as strictly biochemical based or strong feelings. However, nutrition can play a key role in the onset and duration of depression.

Studies show there is a noticeable food pattern that comes before depression this is the same as those that occur during depression. For example, poor appetite, skipping meals, and a dominant desire for sweet foods. (Rao, T. S., Asha, M.

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, Ramesh, B., & Rao, K. J, 2008)


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