Departmentalization of Departmentalization at the same time. (Coulter

Departmentalization is splitting an organization into various
divisions, which executes the task per the section’s specialization in the
organization. Departmentalization is necessary because it helps in
accomplishing the goals of the enterprise in most productive and proficient
methods. It’s a feature of organizational design that focuses on segregating
the business into sectors, based on their function, geography, product,
customer and process. Many successful business firms tend to use the
combination of most of the types of Departmentalization at the same time.
(Coulter and Robbins, 2012).

Toyota Motor Corporation

The Toyota Motor Company has a tall hierarchal structure of
organization as it has several layers of management between top-level and
frontline employees and the company is departmentalized in a divisional
approach. The Toyota Motor Corporation is departmentalized into three main
business segments:

·     Automotive
(Design, Manufacturing and Distribution)

·     Toyota
Finance Services

Other businesses such as
housing, marine, telecommunication etc.

Functions and Geography

Based on function, the company has necessary departments such as
accounting, purchasing, corporate planning and quality department etc. Based on
geography, the departments are divided into regions or territories. TMC is
divided into eight regional divisions Japan, North America, Europe, East Asia
and Oceania, China, Asia and Middle East. Each regional head reports to the
company’s headquarters.





The Toyota Motor Company
product line comprises of four divisions

a.       Lexus International

b.      Toyota (1) for
operations in North America, Europe and Japan

c.       Toyota (2) for operation
in all other regions

d.      Unit Centre which is
responsible for engine, transmission and other related operations.

This feature of the organization supports Brand development and
product lines.

Process and Customer



Huawei has established a business structure that
focuses on three dimensions: customers, products, and regions. All
organizations jointly create value for customers, and are responsible for the company’s
financial results, market competitiveness, and customer satisfaction. (Huawei
Technologies Co., Ltd., 2017)

Functions and Geography

The regional corporation are the company’s
regional headquarters. They are responsible for developing and effectively
using regional facilities and capabilities, and for the implementation of
corporate strategy in their regions. The company has continuously evolved
regional corporations and accelerated the delegation of authority to field offices.
Group Functions help in providing business support, services, etc. (Huawei
Technologies Co., Ltd.,2017)


Products & Solutions is a company that makes
use of technology to provide solutions which includes introducing, reinforcing,
and provide skills to carriers and enterprise/industry customers. In addition
to product planning, development, etc., this organization is also responsible
for developing product competitiveness in the industry between other companies
to provide the customers with a better user experience and bolster the success
of the organization in the business.

Process and Customer

The Carrier BG and the Enterprise BG organize
and take care of solution marketing, sales, and provide services that only
targets carrier customers and firms/industry customers respectively. The
Consumer BG focuses on helping device consumers and handles all the aspects of
the consumer domain. This BG is accountable for business accomplishment, risk
control, market competitiveness, and contentment of the customer in the
consumer business.


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