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DEPARMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGYFACULTY OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGYELECTROMAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY(BNR 20603)SECTION: 1PROJECT REPORTTITLE: ELECTROMAGNETIC GLOVE NAMEMATRICS NO.AINNUR RASHIDAH BINTI MOHD HISAMAN160030FARIDAH BINTI MOKHTARAN160042KHAIRUL SHAHID BIN MOHD KHAIRAN160247MOHAMMAD HANNAN HAZIQ BIN AZMANDN140152SHOBAN A/L SEVAMAN160242LECTURER’S NAME: PROF. DR. MOHAMMAD ZARAR BIN MOHAMED JENU NO.CONTENTPAGEi.Title2ii.Problem statement2iii.Objectives2Related theories3 – 4Project block diagram5Results and discussion6 -7 conclusion8TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLEWe have chosen electromagnetic glove as our project title.PROBLEM STATEMENTWe, students, eat at the campus or students’ residential cafeteria almost every day. After we finished our meals, we are supposed to put our plates, cutleries and cups into the buckets prepared by the cafeteria workers. We found out that the cafeteria workers have difficulties to sort out the cutleries from the piles of dirty plates. We came up with this electromagnetic glove idea in hopes that it will lessen the burden of the cafeteria workers in sorting the dirty dishes.OBJECTIVESFirst and foremost, the reason that we chose electromagnetic glove as our project title is because we wanted to create something that can make one’s daily routine easier; such as separating the cutleries from the dishes.Next, this glove is made to make the cafeteria workers let out less energy in doing the dishes and separating the cutleries from the plates and bowls as students tend to put them together into the bucket that is prepared for them to put in their dishes when they are finished eating.Moreover, we chose this project because we can learn the different component and their functions. We can also learn how to apply the calculations from the circuits into practical.Last but not least, we wanted to learn how electrostatics can be applied in our daily lives. RELATED THEORIESFaraday’s LawMagnetic environment changes causes the induction in a coil. It could be produced by the change of magnetic field strength, the coil into or out of the magnetic field and other ways possible.For further understanding, example is shown below.(source: )Maxwell’s equations produces a fundamental relationship which is the Faraday’s law. Induced emf is equal to the negative rate of change in magnetic flux, multiplied by the number of turns in the coil. It involves the interaction between the charges with the magnetic field. Where, N = number of turns ? = BA = magnetic flux B = external magnetic field A = area of coil The minus sign (-) is from Len’z law. Emf is the term for generated or induced voltage. Len’z lawAccording to Faraday’s law, when the change in magnetic flux generates emf, the polarity of the induced emf can produce a current that the magnetic field opposes the change. The induced magnetic field in any of the loops keep the magnetic flux constant. For further understanding, example is given below.(source: ) Bio-Savart LawThis is an equation that can describe the magnetic field created by a current-carrying wire that allows us to calculate the strength at various points.The equation stated gave the magnitude of the magnetic field but magnetic field is a vector. The magnetic field created by the current-carrying wire is in circular forms. We determine the direction of the magnetic field by using right-hand rule.PROJECT BLOCK DIAGRAM RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONReading of voltages on the coil : Voltage (V)V1 = 2.38V2 = 2.35Average reading =  2.365The electromagnet attracts cutlery (spoons and forks) . The cutlery stays for a long period time. Faraday’s Law stated that the induced emf , Vemf in any closed circuit is equal to the time rateof change of the magnetic flux linkage by the circuit.SN = number of turns ? = number of flux S- = induced voltage acts in such a way to oppose the flux producing itB = magnetic field   H= magnetic field intensity S           In this project there are 750 turns of copper coil and the voltage is 2.365V. Given µr=and µ=200000. Radius for iron bolt is m and length m.From this :         S                                                           From the calculation we know that the copper coil current is 0.53A. We determine the direction of current is into the coil by using Biot-Savart’s Law right hand rule. CONCLUSIONIn the process of the project building, there were complications happened like the first two or two attempts were not successful. We also faced problems like the room we were building the project in, the current has been cut off. It is caused when we were trying to test the project using the power source plug of the room and the transformer we used is still in a good condition. We have taken the initiatives to change the number of turns of the coil, change the diameter of the wire, change the voltage and current of the power source. This project has become successful after those modifications on 9th January 2018. The upgrades that we can suggest is use two rods instead of one. We also agree to use a powerbank instead of a transformer as in a powerbank itself has a transformer built in it. One of the factors that affect the output of this project is the number of turns of the coil, based on the Faraday’s law stated above.


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