It and I have seen first-hand how

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Ms.

Anu Parekh. She is currently a junior at Boston University. Anu started shadowing me in the summer of 2017 and continued to shadow me until January of 2018.

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I have known Anu ever since she started coming to my clinic to shadow me. In this short time, I have learned so much about her. Anu is a very sociable and friendly person who is sincere about her ambitions.

She is always willing to help around the clinic. It is evident that she has the drive to survive in this field. She sees dentistry not as just a career, but a venue for her to transmit her ideas for the advancement of dental health care.I see many qualities of an excellent Dentist in Anu. Because she is very strong-willed, I am convinced that she will be able to grasp the strategy and methods I practice every day at my clinic. She is also an effective communicator. Being able to effortlessly talk to your patients is important as a dentist, and I have seen first-hand how Anu is a docile yet informative speaker.

Anu observed and assisted me and my dental assistant during routine procedures such as cleaning to more complex procedures. Her dedication assured me that she is very serious about Dentistry. She observed me really carefully and always asked questions when she had them. Anu also analyzed my interaction with my patients as well as my process of filing patient records. I can say with confidence that what others achieve through hard work and by seeking of advice and assistance of others, I have seen Anu comprehend the task at hand with a relative ease making the conclusion her own. This ability indicates intelligence and a commitment to applying what she learns.

Through shadowing, not only was she able to set up all the instruments and supplies needed for a routine procedure, but she was also able to help with suction and handle the autoclave. It is apparent to me that she has a clear understanding of the work a Dentist has to do. The combination of determination, willingness to help, and effective communications skills found in Anu is truly unique.

She is very enthusiastic, and I am confident that she will be an outstanding Dentist and a brilliant addition to your school.


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