Demarini consists of a flame tempered technology which

Demarini cf7 Baseball Bat Review

DeMarini CF7
baseball bat is known for its lightest swing in the world. The best thing about
this bat is that the technology in it keeps on improving each year since 2016.
It is manufactured by the company that does not believe in resting even when
its products have great sales. They believe in improving the quality and
technology of the bats each year and dedicate themselves fully for the same.
The company always tries to stay on the top position amongst its fellow
competitors. Talking about the DeMarini CF7 bat, it is very popular amongst the
baseball players due to its unique features.

DeMarini CF7 performance

This bat is
chosen mostly by the players in college and is the top choice amongst many top
class players as well. The Really Cool Knob, or RCK, while make you feel
extremely comfortable when you hold it in your hands and will provide you with
a super solid grip and an amazing swing. It also features a D Fusion handle
which consists of a flame tempered technology which gives you a stiff feel
along with little vibrations. The bat has the lightest swing due to the
composite form which it is made. Paradox plus composite is used to make the
barrel of the bat which makes its speed faster and gives it more pop. Also, the
bat’s low pro end cap is made flat and with a dual density which in promoting a
balanced and smooth swing.

DeMarini CF7 design

The D Fusion FT
handle provides the base for the barrel which will give you a stiffer grip. The
amount of energy is also managed by the handle of the bat. Energy is redirected
back to the barrel to make the bat more comfortable for its usage without any kind
of sting. Since this bat is BBCOR certified, it can be used at all the levels
of baseball games. There are a variety of sizes that you can choose from which
will help to progress from an amateur to a pro. This will give you an
experience of the playability of the barrel.

This bat is one
of the best options in the market if you are looking for a good technology to
improve the performance of your game. Since it so lightweight and made up of
only two pieces, young players can also use it effectively. You will experience
a great performance at a senior level once you are familiar with the technology
and are used to it. This is one of the models that provide you with a variety
of drops and sizes.

Properties of the bat

Here are all the
features of the bat that you can look forward to.

BBCOR certified

Barrel is made up of composite

Handle is also made up of composite

Diameter of the barrel is 2 5/8 inches

Warranty of the bat is 12 months

Advantages of the bat

Here are a few
things about the bat that will make you fall in love with it.

It is the lightest bat available in the market
today with a great bat swing speed.

It features a two piece design made up from
paradox plus composite that enhances its performance.

One of the most advanced technologies is used
for the construction of this bat.

This bat features an advanced knob barrel
design that provides you with a perfect and superior grip on the handle.

The low vibration of the bat provides you with
a stiffer feel.

The end cap design adds to the sophistication
of an incredible balance that the bat already has.

This bat is balanced very well when you swing

Disadvantages of
the bat

Here are a few things about the bat that you might not like.

The bat is a bit pricey and might not be
affordable to all.

People who prefer to use the end loaded bat
might not like this bat and will not be a good option for them.

Players, who like a consistent delivery of
power, might not feel comfortable in using this bat.

It is not as much widely available as the
other bats in the market.

Pricing of the

Although this bat is a bit costly, the features that it provides
and the performance it gives is worth each and every penny spent. It roughly
costs around $280, but if you can swing your bat properly in this price, it is
a guarantee that you will never be let down when it comes to the department of
performance. You will definitely not regret purchasing this bat. If you want
quality and a great performance and if price is a secondary consideration for
you, then you should definitely go for this one.

Overall review

The design and technology of the DeMarini CF7 bat is great and the
players have claimed that they have had the best swing experience with this
bat. The manufacturer has not simply put the features in this bat to show. They
are extremely useful for the players to help them play hard and swing the bat
with ease and comfort. The RCK knob makes sure that you do not develop any
blisters on your hand while playing and prevents their formation. Also, the
barrel which is made up of the carbon fiber provides an immense balance which
is essential for a smooth and flawless performance.

This bat proves to be an ideal option even for small and young
players that are working on increasing the speed of their bat. The grip of the
bat is such that it makes you feel comfortable and have full control over the
swing. Investing in this bat would definitely prove to be a great example for
money spent well. It is not as cheap as the other bats in the market, but you
will certainly notice a wide difference once you start using it regularly.


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