The was aimed to improve education. References

The new law on education signed in 2002, also called No Child Left Behind act, was meant to implement far-reaching reforms in the education sector. President Bush stated that education was an important priority for the administration, and “although education is primarily a state and local responsibility, the federal government is partly at fault for tolerating … abysmal results” (White House, 2002).

However, four years from then, many people are dissatisfied with the results of the initiative.Thus, in a recent discussion at the Hickman High School Speak Your Mind Forum, “panelists agreed that one of the more contentious aspects of the act is the designation of “highly qualified teachers” (Siegel, 2006). Many teachers in the state received notes that they are not highly qualified even though many of them held Master’s degrees. Besides, teachers are offered relatively little support to cope with high demands, a circumstance that can hardly encourage productivity and creativity in their work. In addition, students are also suffering problems with more “rigorous curriculum” (Siegel, 2006).

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Many of them cannot manage it since they do not have enough qualified support from their teachers. Overall, the act was meant to accomplish a positive outcome. However, it has reduced flexibility in the educational system, and, although implementing more stringent requirements, provided little support in their realization. No Child Left Behind Act institutes more stringent requirements for tests as well; however, here it faces a problem with consistency since states hold authority over the educational process instead of the federal government.Therefore, the act does not guarantee high standards even though it was aimed to improve education.ReferencesSiegel, J.

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