Dell desktops, Dell servers with Intel® Xeon®

Dell helps government agencies achieve energy efficiency through the combination of the most relevant energy-efficient technology, partnerships with world-class equipment vendors and energy-optimizing professional services and tools. Organizations that implement energy-efficient computing can realize significant savings, with $2.6 billion dollars projected to be saved in 2011.DesktopsEngineered to minimize the use of environmentally sensitive materials and maximize energy savings, Dell desktop systems are designed with Dell Energy SmartTM  technology. The DellTM  OptiPlexTM  755, using Intel®  CoreTM  2 Duo processors, is 78% more energy efficient than the model it replaces.2 All Dell desktops are being designed to consume up to 25% less energy by 2010, relative to systems offered in 2008. ServersLike our laptops and desktops, Dell servers with Intel® Xeon® processors are also designed to help avoid the use of environmentally sensitive materials and deliver the most performance per watt with our Energy Smart technology design.

Energy Smart products not only help save our customers operating costs, they also help to avoid carbon dioxide emissions.Dell servers outperform the competitors when it comes to energy efficiency. The PowerEdgeTM  M1000e blade system provides up to 19% more energy efficiency than HP and up to 12% more energy efficiency than IBM.

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The M1000e also provides up to 25% better performance per watt than HP, and up to 29% better performance per watt than IBM.3At home and in the officeDell products use less and less power with each generation. For example, Dell desktops and laptops, which were already among the industry’s most energy-efficient, have saved our customers an additional 25 percent or more in related energy costs since 2008, fulfilling a commitment we made that year.We start thinking about a product’s power efficiency during our initial design stage, taking into account the latest energy benchmarks from regulatory bodies and standards organizations. For example, today the majority of our products can be configured to meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications — including virtually every business system, consumer laptop, rack and tower server.Additionally, we include convenient power management features that reduce energy use when computers are in low-power “sleep modes.” This can easily be implemented in a single laptop or across an entire enterprise to save as much as $75 in electricity costs per computer annually.

Our Dell KACE™ K1000 appliance can help network administrators control power use even further by putting all or some of their network’s computers to sleep automatically.In the data centerDid you know that it takes less power to cool the PowerEdge™ R720 server than it does to power a typical nightlight? Here are a few of our other innovations aimed at keeping data center costs down. Overall, we’ve improved performance-per-watt by 101x over the past 10 years. Dell servers can run for extended periods at up to 113° F/45° C, allowing for an extensive geographic range of potential chillerless operation.

Our Hot Spares puts the PSU into a sleep state for higher efficiency without losing redundancy or availability. Green Packaging and ShippingOur goal is to create a waste-free packaging experience, using recycled and renewable source materials, right-sizing to reduce waste, and making it easy for you to responsibly dispose of packaging through recycling or composting.


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