Delegation members make any mistake then they

Delegation means assigning tasks or authority to subordinates in the organization.

It involves three steps that could be either observable or implied. The first step is to entitle duties to particular employees who have proper knowledge about the assigned tasks. The second step is granting the right to decision making in some identified areas and also giving the responsibility for the completion of the task to a colleague.

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The last step consists some restrictions that employees have to follows while working on assigned job activities to complete it within the stipulated time frame. There are some reasons why new managers may be reluctant to delegate:1. Some managers have a lack of confidence in their subordinates and therefore find it difficult to delegate work to them.2. Sometimes Managers think that if their team members make any mistake then they will be responsible to give the answer to top management.

3. Lack of essential delegation skills in newly promoted managers make them unable to assigned task and authority to other employees. 4. Some Managers feel insecurity being replaced by brighter and competent subordinates.5.

If managers do not have enough time to supervise and control, they avoid delegating responsibilities to colleague since they will be blamed for any negative outcome.


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