Definition:The provide excellent staff training and leadership opportunities,

Definition:The context of a successful mission statement is the clearly concise and focused definition of the company’s primary goals, including its main objectives.

It seeks to answer a fundamental question, “To what aim does my company exist?”The mission statement helps articulate the company’s objectives in such ways that captures the very essence of the business and gives it focus for those who work within it, including the end consumer or the client.Mission statements are just as diverse as the businesses they define and they describe a variety of best practice and main core values that best describes that business.An example mission statement to running and operating a successful daycare center may be as follows:Mission Statement    Providing harmonious relations with all parents or guardians, enabling children to develop outstanding educational skills within the daycare center and provide     individual and dedicated child support where specially defined needs are identified as required.    Providing innovative, progressive and creative learning solutions to all aspects of early learning educational programs for all children.    Develop creative and interactive physical childcare planned exercise routines within a safe, relaxed and happy settings.    Deliver a productive atmosphere where each child feels safe, have a sense of belonging and may respond positively and cooperatively to staff and the other children.

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    Offer planned, healthy as well as varied nutritional children’s diets which meets the preferred requirement of parents.    Introduce each child to an appropriate selection of structured learning materials to meet their individual requirements.    Promote fair and equal working opportunities and to provide excellent staff training and leadership opportunities, along with excellent staff salaries.               Foster structured parental activity and participation groups while actively promoting positive interactions with staff, parent groups and children.


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