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Definition of Good and Moral
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Definition of Good and Moral
Professional ethics or professional morals are codified rules that a group of people embrace or are imposed so that they can act ethically. Whenever someone acts are referred to as unethical it means that the person is unprofessional, thus he or she does not follow the set standards that govern members of a particular profession. In philosophy or ethics the philosophers defended and recommended various concepts regarding what is right and wrong and this is the reason they developed philosophical terms such as “good” and “moral”.
“Good” is an ethical term, which is associated with benefits. Whenever one has benefited from something it is termed as “good”. Something that is beneficial to someone is considered as good either instrumentally and biologically (Meacham, 2011). For instance, a hammer is considered good because it is used for pounding nails and what is good for that hammer is ability to do well. It is critical to note that some things in the universe are better as compared to others; hence, they are referred to as good. Biologically, a living organism needs good nutrients for survive and to thrive well.

“Moral” is known as a descriptive science that establishes what is right, wrong or “what is considered true” in the society (Aquino ; Reed, 2002). Descriptive moral is a study of behavior depending on what individuals believe is right or wrong. Normative morals help individuals to discover or seek how one should act, thus one knows when he or she is right or wrong. Lastly, there are analytical morals which are used to compare ethical theories so that one can know the actual meaning of ethical terms.
Ethically it is important to note that what an individual considers “good” or “moral” may vary from one culture to the next since their values and beliefs are totally different. Morals help one to make judgement whether one is right or wrong while something good is known because of its benefit to the society or to an individual.

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