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Definitionof Resource Management:Resource management isa technique which is used to benefit from all the resources available in aneffective way. It is a form of planning primary materials and arranging them sothat all the resources are applied to the right tasks and reach the goals withthe least amount of waste and misplacement. Resource management includessalaries, employees, buildings, vehicles, tools, supplies, machines and more. Resource management is concerned with the question of away to use sources correctly, successfully and economically. Resources cost money for a businessenterprise, that’s why they need to be controlled cautiously. Inany other case itcould throw off the whole agenda if the right resources aren’t available when they’re wanted. Organizations want to ensure that they procure them in a cost-effective way and that theymay generate fee for the organization.

 Resource management guarantees that the task is on time and scope through the effective allocation of resources. It additionally makes sure that group individualsrecognize what their roles and assignmentsare. Forthis reason, itis an essential partof the project planning technique.Typesof Resource Management:There are many types ofresource management such as human resources, IT management, financial management,enterprise asset management etc…IT service management is the act of implementing, managing,and delivering IT services to fulfill the needs of a business. Let’s see whatit means in real world, think of a computer running complicated codes that veryfew people can understand so in order to allow everyone to use the software, itneeds to have easy to use and friendly user interface, otherwise most peoplewill not be able to use it. Likewise, ITSM serves the same purpose as thesoftware user interface, it helps employees in an organization communicate withIT, without having to know anything about technology and still get what theyneed and their issues resolved, for example, if a sales executive joins acompany, the IT department will give him a new computer, but for a man whotravels a lot and have to visit costumers, it will be hard for him to work ifwhat he receives is a desktop. If there was an IT process in place, where ITunderstands the needs of the business and what the employees need to do withequipment, the sales executive would have got a laptop saving him a lot ofwasted time and energy in his first few days of the job.

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So an essence, ITSMcreates a bridge between IT and the customer. Since both sides save time, andtime is money, ITSM brings direct value to the business.Thinkingabout HR management, when sport teams or work teams have plans to improvethemselves or actually have a vacancy the manager usually calls an expert tofind new talents.

In a company this expert is the HR or human resourcesmanager. HR staff starts to look for interested recruits. Recruiting is a hugepart of making high-quality tames. HR staff use their knowledge and experienceto locate the best person for the job, and in addition they provide advice tomanagers on how to improve their tame overall performance, and suggest trainingoptions to optimize staff capability.

HR also monitors well-being and safetyneeds and also resolves conflicts among the working team and make sure they getpaid fairly. Concepts and Techniques:                                                             Resource leveling is away of resource management whose objectives is to find underused humans or sources inside an organization and positions them to work. Resource leveling considers all resources, humans and appliances to decide if someof those assets are being underused, or mightbe used in aplace where they canbe more productive. For example, a supervisor ofone department, who canalso be working in another department or aperson inthe finance department who could genuinely be very useful inthe production department.

The traditional approach is another method that became approved and usedfrom hundreds of years ago because of the positive results it achieved. Traditionalapproach involves the initiation stage, planning stage, productionstage, controlling and the completion stage of the process. This technique is mostly used when developinga new product, and may also be used when getting something new to the company.Resource limited schedule is another technique and it is used to achievemaximum efficiency when the resources are limited for a project and the manager responsibilityis to be able to benefit from the available resources to reach the goal.Breakdown structure is a listing done by the manager or someone elsefrom the team at the beginning of the project and it includes the importantresources arranged from due to their importance.  


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