It is essential to educate

It is essential to educate certain sections of the society especially the illiterate and the poor. Nearly 40% of the Indian population is below the poverty line, when a person cannot even afford to feed oneself properly how can we expect them to have a meal full of essential vitamins and calciums. The government of India has taken certain steps in this regard. The success of the “Polio campaign” is a major example. Every doctor should provide free treatment to the poor at least a day every week. It is the duty of every citizen to help the country to achieve the objective of a disease free environment for all. The minimum of what a responsible citizen can do is educating other so that they can understand the difference between junk foods and healthy foods. Consumption of alcohol is another important reason which results in a deficiency which in turn leads to the degeneration of the peripheral nerves; with permanent degeneration in most of the cases and beriberi heart disease.

Consumption of alcohol should thus be decreased. It is thus essential for every individual to be aware as to what proper diet he or she should follow to live a healthy and happy life. It is to be remembered that “health is wealth”.

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