Deep Okapi. With only 25,000 left in

Deep in the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo, their lives the mysterious Okapi. With only 25,000 left in the wild, you are extremely lucky to ever see one of these extraordinary animals in a lifetime. Join me as we explore the odd behaviors of the Okapi.Not a lot of animals live in the rainforest Okapis are one of the few.

Okapis live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, or in other words the Central African Rainforest. The okapi lives in the rainforest for multiple reasons. The biggest one is because the Okapi is a solitary animal that lives in a habitat that is not easily penetrated.

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They also live in the Rainforest because in the rainforest it is dense and dark, but their large ears help them seek out hidden predators. The okapis greatest threat is habitat destruction. The main reason for that is human settlement and logging.  Extensive hunting for bushmeat and skin and illegal mining have also led to a decline in populations. Furthermore, the okapi’s body is very distinct. Their stripes on their legs and rear may cause them to look like a zebra. But due to recent studies, they are the only living relative of the Giraffe. While the okapi tongue length is anywhere from 14-18 INCHES long, it makes it pretty easy for them to lick their own ear.

In fact,  there have been multiple sightings of  Okapi’s cleaning out their earwax with tongue. Most okapis have red, black, brown and white fur with 1 brown spot above each ankle. Altho they can be anywhere from 440-660 pounds and 4.

9-6.5 feet tall, they can reach a maximum speed of 37 MPH. Altho the Okapi weigh 660 pounds, it really doesn’t eat that much for the type of animal it is. The okapi eats 40 to 65 pounds of leaves and twigs a day yet Giraffe eat anywhere from 55-75 pounds a day.

At the San Diego Zoo, Okapis are fed hay and pellets. On occasion, they are also fed carrots, yams and acacia branches. But they have been seen eating clay and burnt charcoal for the minerals and to help them digest the other vegetables. With all in mind, the okapi also has some cool features such as okapi newborns can stand within 30 mins of birth.

Also, male okapis use their necks to fight other males, they also use them to hug. So you could say they have a soft side. Another cool fact about the okapi is that some scientists call the okapi a ” Forest Zebra”. The oddest fact to me is that male okapis only allow female okapis get food.

As if the females had to obey the males or something like that. So overall, I believe the okapi is a cool, crazy animal you had never heard of before this essay. With its habitat in the Central African Rainforest and its 18-inch tongue, the okapi will leave your mind blown. Secondly, the “Forest Zebra” with its small food source will make you wish you had one of these extraordinary animals as a pet now.

And lastly, I hope you enjoyed this essay. Thank you, have a nice day.  


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